Visiting Sandy Hook & Fort Hancock

Last month we told you a bit about Asbury Park (missed it? check it out here) this week we’re going to fill you guys in on the opposite direction of the shore Sandy Hook.

With the weather heating up, this spot is one of the best places to head to on a hot summer day!


Sandy Hook has multiple beaches, ample amount of parking and some beautiful sights. If you’re looking for a beach day we recommend going to the South beach (as it is less crowded) there is also North beach, and Gunnison beach (however if you bring children to Gunnison be aware it is a clothing optional beach).

The Hook is also home to the (guess the name?) Sandy Hook lighthouse (right? who would have thought?). There you can sign up for a tour and walk your way to the top of the of it; tours are offered for free every hour from 1:00-4:00 pm, and they DO fill up.

If you’re looking to see an awesome view, drive down to the lighthouse and hang a left. Keep going and you’ll see a lot of abandoned gun platforms that were used by the US after the civil war. Once you pull over and snag some pics of that, head to the parking lot to your left. Walk on down the path and keep right, you’ll see a raised platform you can walk up and see the skyline of NYC. One you leave that spot, head on out and stay to your right, this will put the ocean to your right, and a strip of abandoned homes known as Officers Row.


Once leaving Sandy Hook you can either stay to the left or veer right. Going right will bring you up into the Atlantic Highlands, from there you can check out Hartshorne Park which consists of three different trails for hiking and biking. If you choose to go left there are plenty of neat spots to grab a bite, or a drink. The Rum Runner is an excellent seafood destination, Even Tide is the spot for American food, and Donovans Reef is an AMAZING beach bar that just reopened after being hit by Hurricane Sandy a few years back.


If the sun didn’t suck the energy out of you there are plenty of things to do in the towns surrounding Sandy Hook. Sea Bright is home to sports bar Dive!, a causal bar serving some delicious food.

Further down the shore is Pier Village, they serve up fruit bowls at Playa Bowls, roll sushi at Sawa, and create colorful desserts at Coney Waffle. Additionally if you feel like treating yourself to some new clothing you can do that there as well. Check out Molly and Zoey for some women fashion; and Nirvana for both men and women!

From Sandy Hook, to Sea Bright, to Pier Village this is one trip you can get done in a day and have a blast doing!

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