New Jersey Border Hikes: New York Edition

View of palisades and plants
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Maybe you live in North Jersey, or maybe you want to branch out and hike in the Empire State. Either way, check out this list of North Jersey hikes that border New York state this fall. The fall foliage is sure to be killer!

Ramapo Reservation. Photo Credit: @supercritch

Hike into New York

Palisades Park (Alpine)

Hike your way into New York on the Long Loop in Palisades Park. This hike has it all — waterfalls, bouldering, and a walk along the water. You can’t beat it!

Shawnagunk Ridge Trail (Sussex County)

If you’re feeling bold, start in High Point State Park and hike this 60 mile trail into Minnewaska State Park in New York. 

State Line Trail (Warwick, NY)

Start in New Jersey and hike up to Warwick, New York on this 7 mile stretch of the Appalachian Trail.

Stone Town Circular Trail, Ringwood State Park. Photo Credit: @cpuleo1

Stay in North Jersey (but wave hi to New York)

Appalachian Trail Boardwalk (Vernon)

Take the day to explore one of our favorites, the Appalachian Trail Boardwalk. While not right on the border, you can keep going to make it there!

Stone Town Circular Trail (Ringwood)

Hike 10 miles around this lake in Ringwood State Park.

Ramapo Reservation Loop Trail (Ramapo)

A fall foliage favorite, take any trail here to check out the best of the best in New Jersey. The 7 mile loop trail gives you a good look at the park!

High Point via Appalachian Trail (Sussex County)

Wave hello to New York from this trail. And check out the best spots in High Point State Park while you’re here, too!

Cupsaw Brook Loop (Ringwood)

Graze the border of New York with this two mile loop in Ringwood State Park.

Surprise Lake Loop (Hewitt)

Walk along the New York border on this hike in Abram S. Hewitt State Forest

Wantage Foothills (Sussex)

Enjoy the wildflower and foothills on this Appalachian Trail hike in Sussex, New Jersey. 

new jersey border hikes new york, New Jersey Border Hikes: New York Edition

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new jersey border hikes new york, New Jersey Border Hikes: New York Edition

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