The Best Sunrise & Sunset Spots

Looking for the right spot? We’ve collected some of our favorite spots to watch the sunrise and sunset across New Jersey.

The Best Spots In New Jersey

Bring your camera, friends, and family to watch the sunrise and start a new day. Or check the best spots to watch the sun drop into colorful sunsets.

We can mark every inch of the shore with sunrise spots, but we have chosen some of the unique places that our community has suggested.

Must-Haves for Capturing the Sunrise & Sunset
When planning your sunrise or sunset hike, we recommend trying out a tripod for your camera for the best shots with your phone. We also share some of our best tips on taking photos of sunrise and sunset spots and what you need.
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Explore Local Sunrise & Sunset Spots

Below are some of our favorite local New Jersey Spots for sunrises and sunset, as well as helpful resources to plan your morning or evening adventure.

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