Adventure at Round Valley Reservoir – Discovering The Bermuda Triangle of NJ

Panoramic view of lake with mountain in the background. Blue kayak in foreground

Don’t let that name intimidate you, its true name is Round Valley Reservoir, located in Lebanon, NJ. It’s one of the largest and deepest lakes in NJ, that being said there have been several people that have gone missing in this body of water. These individuals are still missing to date…hence the creepy “Bermuda Triangle” nickname.

Its crystal clear blue waters makes this lake a hidden gem, I guarantee you will feel removed from New Jersey! There are many activities to do, including: hiking, biking, fishing, kayaking, boating, swimming, scuba diving, and camping.

Round Valley Reservoir New Jersey

I recently took my kayak there to do a solo overnight camping trip. The only downside for those who aren’t as rugged, the campsite can only be accessed by boat or foot, no vehicle accessed is allowed. The first campsite is a 3 mile hike, but I recommend by boat or kayak, it was far more enjoyable.

Round Valley Reservoir, Adventure at Round Valley Reservoir – Discovering The Bermuda Triangle of NJ

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There are several campsites to choose from each costing $17 a night. It’s wilderness camping, so each site is spacious, and neighbors are not on top of you. You can choose from beachfront camping or more set back in the woods. I think there are even lean-tos that you can reserve. There is plenty of wood to use as firewood, so no need to carry in your own. Most of these sites have access to water within walking distance.

All in all, you should prioritize Round Valley on your list of places to visit this summer! Also, just a friendly reminder to leave no trace, if you pack it in, pack it out so we can keep this place unique.

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