Where It All Began...

Established in 2015, NJspots Founder Virginia Buechel, aka @buewho, wanted to start sharing the beautiful places around her home state of New Jersey. The urge to start an Instagram account dedicated to New Jersey was created by her envy of other regions around the country showing off their amazing landscapes and places. She knew New Jersey had amazing places and spots to explore too, but there hadn’t seemed to be an outlet for it.

Bigger Than A Hashtag

Bashing stereotypes that are associated with New Jersey, using the hashtag #NJspots would allow others to share the amazing places they found and captured too. As the trend seem to stick in the photography community throughout New Jersey, so did the following. With the following on Instagram booming, Virginia realized there was a need for more people in the state to see what was out there.

“A tiny little hashtag idea boomed into local popularity and I felt that NJspots was becoming more than just a repost Instagram account. Over the last couple years we have created local guides, hosted meeups, and shared maps of places others can explore throughout New Jersey.”

– Virginia Buechel, Founder of NJspots

Putting “Social” Back in Social Media

The #NJspots tag starting becoming a source of inspiration for people to find a variety of new places to explore and adventure throughout New Jersey. Our Team and Patrons around the state help grow the inspiration of the community to continue to explore New Jersey. NJspots hosts several meetups throughout the year that brings on average 20-40 people out to various places throughout the state to meet up, photograph things together, connect, and appreciate what New Jersey has to offer.

Becoming A Resource For New Jersey Exploration

As our community continues to grow, our writing and editorial team has grown with it. Offering in-depth guides, local interest maps, behind the scene Instagram takeovers, and more, NJspots is a community that is built on those that continue to share their photos and experiences through New Jersey.

Joining Forces With Others

NJspots is a community for Instagram users and photographers in New Jersey and it’s important to continue to have close connections with our followers and other New Jersey hubs and local businesses. After all, we are all trying to share the beauty of this state with others, we want to do it together! View Our Partners

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