Skip These Popular New Jersey Spots & Go Here Instead…

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NJspots was started by the founder with the purpose of showing more people what New Jersey is all about and bashing stereotypes that the Garden State has. As the years have gone on, the NJspots community has continued to share amazing places around the state that are worth visiting.

There are always some gems that go unnoticed because of more popular local spots. Whether you’re visiting New Jersey for the first time or you are a native looking for some variety, these places are great alternatives than the popular spots.

Skip Mount Tammany…

Float Through The Delaware Water Gap

Over the last few years, Mount Tammany has become so popular that it’s very rare to be on the top alone. Instead of fighting the crowds up a challenging hike up rock boulders, we encourage you to lower your expectations physically. Head down to the water level and grab your oar to raft down the Delaware River and through the Water Gap. Look up at the massive rock cliffs surrounding you on either side that were formed over 500 million years ago!

Local Rafting & Canoe Companies:

popular New jersey spots, Skip These Popular New Jersey Spots & Go Here Instead…
Photo Credit: Jacob Bryant

Forget Asbury Park

Visit The Quiet Shore Town of Belmar

Asbury Park is one of the up-and-rising spots in New Jersey along the shore, and rightfully so. But if you are looking for that “chill” atmosphere without the crowds, we suggest visiting the neighbor to the south Belmar. Belmar has much more of a residential feel to it but still has some great spots to explore throughout the town. Also a beach you have to pay for, Belmar has great food spots to hit up in addition to some great street art. We also suggest visiting one of our favorite breweries, Beach Haus Brewery.

Pass on Princeton

Visit A Little Town On The Delaware

Lambertville is a very popular place to visit all times of year, but especially when it’s warm enough to roam outside. Sitting on the side of the Delaware, Lambertville is a quaint border town that has a great vibe for local stores, shops, and restaurants. Just a quick walk across the bridge over the Delaware River, you can also visit another popular town, New Hope, in the neighboring state of Pennsylvania. Also another place with some great shops and local businesses, this is a great place to walk around to avoid the crowds of Princeton.

Skip The Shore

Visit A State Park Instead

New Jersey has so little shoreline but so many shore-goers. If you aren’t a fan of the crowds (or shore traffic!) we suggest visiting a local state park for Cherry Blossoms instead. If you are looking to get outside, enjoy the sun, hang with your the family, pets, kids, and some good BBQ, a New Jersey State Park may be just the spot! We have a great map to help you find a local State Park or Recreation Area to visit in New Jersey.

Although there are plenty of GREAT places to visit throughout New Jersey, sometimes others are more crowded, taking the spotlight away from lesser known spots. Be sure to sign up for the NJspots newsletters for the latest guides and helpful information about places and events throughout New Jersey. Don’t forget to tag your favorite spots with #NJspots!

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