Your Quick Guide: Visiting Liberty Science Center

Liberty Science Center is a treasure trove of educational fun, situated in the heart of Liberty State Park, Jersey City, just off of Exit 14B on the New Jersey Turnpike. Combining interactive exhibits with exciting 3D and IMAX experiences, it’s a must-visit destination for learners of all ages.

Highlights of Liberty Science Center:

  • Interactive science exhibits
  • The Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium
  • 3D Theater
  • Wildlife Challenge

Things To Do at Liberty Science Center

  • Interactive science exhibits: From exploring the Infinity Climber hanging multi-story play space, to navigating through the Touch Tunnel, there’s always something to spark your curiosity.
  • The Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium: As the biggest planetarium in the Western Hemisphere, it offers breathtaking shows about our universe.
  • 3D Theater: Watch various exciting 3D movies that cater to all interests, from wildlife to space exploration.
  • Wildlife Challenge: Seasonal outdoor exhibit tests your survival skills with various physical challenges.

PRO TIP: Pack comfortable shoes for all your walking and exploring. For interactive exhibits, lightweight, flexible clothing is recommended.

Activities at Liberty Science Center for Everyone:

  • Young Explorers: Children under 5 can enjoy the ‘I Explore’ exhibit, featuring a climbing structure, a mini city, and a water play area.
  • Tech Lovers: The ‘Beyond Rubik’s Cube’ exhibit is dedicated to the world’s best-selling puzzle toy and offers interactive games, puzzles, and art.
  • Science Enthusiasts: From the ‘Energy Quest’ exhibit to the live animal collection in ‘Eat or Be Eaten,’ there’s a range of exhibits for science lovers.
  • Space Geeks: Don’t miss the immersive shows at the Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium, transporting you into the cosmos.

In closing, if you enjoyed your visit to Liberty Science Center, consider visiting other science-oriented attractions, such as the American Museum of Natural History or the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in nearby New York City.

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