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Once a week, we interview one of our Patrons or a photographer from our Slack community on!

We hope that you learn a new spot or new camera setup!


Who are you, and where in New Jersey are you from?

Hi all, my name is Dennis. I live in north Jersey, Morris County area. I have been in the active duty navy/navy reserve for 30 years now (and still going!). 

What are the three best spots for photography in New Jersey, and why?

Wow, I bet this is the hardest question for most people to answer. I’ve seen many answer Fort Hancock/Sandy Hook and I will admit, it’s tough for me to turn down an opportunity to shoot there. However, for the sake of something different I present to you the following:

1. The Appalachian Trail Boardwalk.

It is superb in the winter and in autumn. A fresh coat of snow or deep orange and yellow colors will leave you in awe. 

2. Long Beach Island.

I like it for the small things you can find when walking around. It’s not all about the sand, water and lighthouse. But, the sunrises and sunsets are hard to beat!

For our complete guide to LBI, check this out!

3. Quick Chek NJ Balloon Festival.

Morning light, colored balloons, insane clouds, need I say more?!

What's your camera setup?

I actually have 3 but all Nikon. The D750 and D850 with the Nikkor 24-120mm lens. It is a work horse lens and has never let me down. I also use the Nikon Z7 .I actually won The New Jersey Monthly Cover Contest in 2019. It came with the 24mm-70mm and I use it quite often.

What's your dream piece of gear? Think big!

Hands down, Rhino Gear time lapse rig.

What's one bucket list photo of New Jersey you haven't gotten yet?

The moon rising up behind the Barnegat Lighthouse.

One tip for aspiring photographers?

Always go with a plan but be prepared to deviate if conditions aren’t right. I can’t tell you how many times I went to a location with one image in mind but due to weather or other impediments, I had to adjust. I walked away with many of my favorite images I otherwise would have never attempted to capture.

What's your favorite part of being a photographer?

Hmmm I have many but I'll give you two here.
1) The reaction to an image you post or hang from not only non-photographers but from fellow photographers. When that image impacts someone enough to comment, message or even buy it!
2) The adventures that come along with it. Whether it's right in your own hometown or another world away.
photographer Dennis Maida, Photographer Feature: Dennis Maida (@dennismaidaphotography)
Dennis Maida
NJspots Patron

“Photographer Feature” is an ongoing segment featuring our Patrons and Slack community members. Contact editor Abbey Dufoe for more information.

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