Best Places To Pick Apples in New Jersey

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Fall is for apple picking. Young and old, couples and kids alike, everyone loves the quintessential stroll through an orchard, searching for the perfect speckled fruit. There’s nothing better than the smell of cool autumn air graced with sweet apple aromas swirling as you zigzag from tree to tree. Fuji, Gala, Golden Delicious, Macintosh, and Granny Smith are all varieties grown in New Jersey. Read on to find an apple-picking spot near you!

Farm markets and grocery stores are always stocked with apples, but nothing beats getting out for a rural adventure in an orchard! Apple season in the Garden State begins in August and runs through October. Galas and Honeycrisp are ready in late summer, while Granny Smith and Fujis grow well into fall.

Where do you go to pick your apples?

Many of the following farms have tons of activities, bakeries, and markets on site for a fun-filled day on the farm. A recent visit to Hill Creek Farms led to patches of veggies open for u-pick, a hayride, a playground, and a farm-to-table restaurant with tasty menu items made with farm-fresh ingredients. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Best North Jersey Orchards for Apple Picking:

Best Central Jersey Orchards for Apple Picking:

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Best South Jersey Orchards for Apple Picking:

How do you pick the perfect apple?

First, hop on a hayride out to the orchard. Next, listen to your guide for which apples are in season. Look for fruit that is firm and free of blemishes and bruises. Fill up your bucket, and head back to the market for your fill of apple cider donuts and freshly pressed sweet cider. Finally, take your apples home and make something delicious, like this Instant Pot Apple Cider Applesauce from The In Season Kitchen!

applesauce recipe

Recipe: Instant Pot Apple Cider Applesauce

We hope you enjoyed this guide to Jersey’s apple picking! Happy Fall!

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