Top Spring Road Trips in New Jersey – Explore Now!

Spring Road Trips in New Jersey

Did you know New Jersey is more than the Garden State? It’s also a secret spot for spring road trips. It has different places to see and cute towns to visit. So, get your car ready for a fun adventure!

Key Takeaways:

Mullica River and Atsion Lake

The Mullica River sits in the Pine Barrens. It’s perfect for outdoor fun. You can explore it by canoe, kayak powerboar and enjoy calm nature or the lively bars and resturants on the river.

Atsion Lake is close by and offers many outdoor activities in New Jersey. Refresh with a swim or fish in its clear waters. It’s great for camping under the stars too.   Get there early on the weekend as it fills up quickly.

For a nice walk, there are beautiful trails by the lake. You’ll love the fresh air and pretty sights. Atsion Lake is deep in the heart of the Wharton forest.

Batsto Village: A Step Back in Time

Don’t miss Batsto Village when visiting Mullica River and Atsion Lake. It’s a historical site with lots to learn. Tours tell about its start as an iron-making spot and its growth.

Look around its old buildings and picture the past life. The Batsto Mansion and simple homes are cool to see.

In Batsto Village, you’ll learn about many people’s history. From Lenape Native Americans to European settlers. It’s a special place full of stories.

Outdoor ActivitiesMullica RiverAtsion Lake

Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge: A Haven for Birdwatchers

If you love nature and birds, you must visit Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge. It’s big and full of birds.  Walk its trails and watch birds live their lives. You might see bald eagles or songbirds. Each visit is special.

Remember your binoculars and camera for cool shots. The refuge is a dream for taking photos. There’s always something amazing to see.

If you love nature and birds, you must visit Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge. It’s big and full of birds.

Walk its trails and watch birds live their lives. You might see bald eagles or songbirds. Each visit is special.

Remember your binoculars and camera for cool shots. The refuge is a dream for taking photos. There’s always something amazing to see.

Grounds for Sculpture

Grounds for Sculpture is in Hamilton, NJ. It’s a beautiful 42-acre park with art. It has over 270 sculptures by famous artists. It’s perfect for those who love art and nature.

As you walk in, you see lovely grounds and art. Enjoy a walk and see the amazing sculptures. They are big and small and very interesting.

“Grounds for Sculpture is where nature and art meet beautifully.” – Sculpture enthusiast

There are guided tours at the park. These tours tell you about the art and the stories behind them. The guides know a lot about art and share interesting facts.

Art Workshops for All Ages

Art workshops are available for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to art or already good at it. The workshops are a fun way to learn about art.

  1. Create your own sculpture with a pro artist.
  2. Try different sculpting methods and materials.
  3. Learn to appreciate the art in the park even more.

These workshops are great for getting creative. They help you grow as an artist.

Exploring the Grounds

The park isn’t only about sculptures. It has pretty gardens, ponds, and places to relax. Find a spot to sit and enjoy the art or read a book.

The park is calm and perfect for a getaway. Walk around, enjoy the gardens, and feel refreshed.

A Destination for All Seasons

The park is great all year. Spring brings colorful flowers. Summer has cool shade. Fall has beautiful leaves. Winter turns it into a snowy wonderland.

Why Visit Grounds for SculptureWhat to Expect
Amazing sculptures by famous artistsOver 270 sculptures across 42 acres
Guided tours with art expertsLearn about sculptures’ history and making
Art workshops for everyoneMake your own sculpture and learn art
Pretty gardens and outdoor spotsRelax in nature’s beauty
A place to visit any seasonSee the park’s beauty all year long

If you love outdoor art, visit Grounds for Sculpture in New Jersey. See beautiful sculptures, walk in the gardens, and make lasting memories.

The Battleship New Jersey

Step onto the historic Battleship New Jersey. Learn about its rich past in Camden. This ship offers tours through its parts. You learn about its history and the heroes who served. From the guns to the engine room, it’s an exciting trip into history. A trip here is like going back in time.

Explore the Historic Ship

Walking on the Battleship New Jersey is a trip back in time. Tours show the ship’s parts and how it worked. See the big guns and imagine its power. Learn about the crew’s challenges and bravery. You’ll see how important this ship was in history.

As of this writing 4/24 the Battleship New Jersey is actually not in New Jersey it is in Dry Dock across the river in Philadelphia.  Dry dock tours are available and the ship should be back shortly.  More details at

Immerse Yourself in Naval History

The Battleship New Jersey teaches about naval history. It uses interactive stuff and displays. You’ll learn about sailor challenges and ship stories. This ship has lots to learn about war at sea.

Plan Your Visit

History fans and military buffs should visit the Battleship New Jersey. It offers interesting tours into the past. If you’re in New Jersey, add it to your must-see list.

Battleship New Jersey Facts

LocationCamden, New Jersey
Length887 feet
Displacement57,500 tons
CommissionedMay 23, 1943
DecommissionedFebruary 8, 1991
Notable FeaturesBB-62 is the most decorated battleship in US Navy history; served in World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Gulf War

Explore naval history at the Battleship New Jersey. Hear stories of its brave crew. It’s interesting for history lovers or anyone curious about military in New Jersey. This ship will leave you impressed.

St. Padre Pio Shrine, Landisville, NJ

The St. Padre Pio Shrine in Landisville, NJ is a special place. It is for prayer and thinking deeply. This place is named after Padre Pio, a saint from Italy.

People find peace here. They can walk in lovely gardens, see Mass outside, and feel better. They believe Padre Pio helps heal. All year, there are special events and religious things to see. Going here can make you feel better and inspired.

St. Padre Pio Shrine

Princeton, New Jersey

Princeton is in central New Jersey. It’s known for history, schools, and culture. Visit this beautiful place. See its history, stunning buildings, and lively feel.

Princeton University – A Treasure of Academic Excellence

Walk around Princeton University’s pretty campus. It’s a top school in the world. See the beautiful buildings and green areas. Look at the mix of old and new buildings. They show a long history of learning.

Princeton Battlefield State Park – Where History Comes Alive

Go back in time at Princeton Battlefield State Park. A big battle happened here during the American Revolutionary War. See the monuments and learn about America’s fight for freedom. This place is full of history.

Princeton Art Museum – A Visual Feast

Visit the Princeton Art Museum. It has lots of art from different times and places. See amazing art by famous artists. The museum has old and new art. It’s great for art fans.

Downtown Princeton – Quaint Shops and Culinary Delights

Walk around downtown Princeton. You’ll find cute shops and great food. Look for special things to buy and try local food. There’s something for everyone.

Princeton is full of culture, history, and learning. It’s great for anyone who loves history, art, or just exploring. Come visit and have a wonderful time.

#njspots – Hidden Gems in New Jersey

Find New Jersey’s secret spots with #njspots. This site shows cool, less-known places. Discover quiet hiking paths and secret waterfalls. #njspots lets you see New Jersey’s hidden beauty.

See Palisades Interstate Park’s beauty, visit Buttermilk Falls, or enjoy Whitesbog Village’s calm. With #njspots, find New Jersey’s special spots and make amazing memories.

Discover the Natural Beauty of Palisades Interstate Park

Enjoy the beauty and peace of Palisades Interstate Park. Walk its paths to see green forests, cliffs, and the Hudson River. Check out historic places, picnic areas, and wildlife. This park is perfect for hikers or anyone wanting a quiet spot.

Embark on an Adventure to Buttermilk Falls

Buttermilk Falls is quiet and beautiful. It’s in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Swim in the pools below the falls, walk beautiful trails, or have a picnic. Buttermilk Falls is peaceful and perfect for a day outdoors.

Experience Tranquility at Whitesbog Village

Whitesbog Village offers a peaceful break. It’s an old cranberry farm. Walk through the lovely village, see the cranberry bogs, and explore nature trails. History fans, nature lovers or anyone seeking peace will love Whitesbog Village.

Palisades Interstate ParkExperience breathtaking views, lush forests, and abundant wildlife at this hidden gem.
Buttermilk FallsDiscover this enchanting waterfall nestled within the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.
Whitesbog VillageStep back in time and immerse yourself in the peaceful ambiance of this historic cranberry farming community.

Uncover the hidden treasures of New Jersey with #njspots and create unforgettable memories.

Camping in New Jersey

New Jersey is great for camping outdoors. You can camp in a tent or in an RV. There are many choices.

The Delaware Water Gap has beautiful nature. It’s great for outdoor fun. You can hike, fish, or relax in lovely places.

The Jersey Shore is perfect for camping near the beach. You can swim, lay in the sun, and have fires on the beach. Sleep to the sound of waves. Wake up to ocean views.

If you like rustic camping, try the state parks and forests. Set up your tent among tall trees. Enjoy hiking, biking, or just relaxing.

Anywhere you camp in New Jersey, you’ll get close to nature. Enjoy outdoor fun and make memories with loved ones.

Top Campgrounds in New Jersey

Wharton State ForestPine BarrensRestrooms, picnic areasHiking, fishing, boating
Island Beach State ParkSeaside ParkCampsites with electric hookups, showers, and restroomsBeach access, bird-watching
Bass River State ForestTuckertonGroup campsites, RV sites, cabinsHiking, fishing, swimming
High Point State ParkBranchvilleFire rings, toilets, showersHiking, picnicking, swimming

Note: Availability and amenities may vary. Check the official website or contact the campground for current info.


Spring in New Jersey means fun road trips. Explore places like Mullica River and Atsion Lake. Visit Grounds for Sculpture for cool art. Or see the huge Battleship New Jersey. Don’t forget to check out St. Padre Pio Shrine too.

In Princeton, see the famous university and the pretty town. Looking for cool spots? Use #njspots to find them. You can find secret trails and waterfalls.

For campers, New Jersey is perfect. You can make special memories outdoors. Plan your trip and see all New Jersey offers. Whether you love art, history, or nature, there’s something for you. So, get your bags ready and explore New Jersey’s beauty.


When is the best time to go on a spring road trip in New Jersey?

Well…for this article we vote for spring! Spring is great for a road trip in New Jersey. You can see its beauty.

What are some popular destinations for spring road trips in New Jersey?

A: Popular places include the Mullica River and Grounds for Sculpture. Also, the Battleship New Jersey and the St. Padre Pio Shrine.Princeton is a must-see too.

What outdoor activities can I enjoy at the Mullica River and Atsion Lake?

You can canoe, kayak, swim, motorboat, fish, hike, and camp. It’s all fun at the Mullica River and Atsion Lake.

What can I expect to see at Grounds for Sculpture?

You’ll find over 270 sculptures by famous artists. You can also enjoy a walk in beautiful gardens.

What can I learn about at the Battleship New Jersey?

You can learn about New Jersey’s naval history. Explore the ship’s decks and compartments.  More at

What can I do at the St. Padre Pio Shrine?

At the shrine, you can pray and meditate. You can also enjoy the gardens and attend Mass.

What can I explore in Princeton, New Jersey?

In Princeton, explore Princeton University’s campus. Visit the Princeton Battlefield State Park.See art at the Princeton Art Museum and try local food.

What can I discover with #njspots?

With #njspots, find hidden trails, waterfalls, and quiet villages. It’s all about hidden gems.

What camping opportunities are available in New Jersey?

You can camp in the Delaware Water Gap, along the Jersey Shore, and in parks. New Jersey has great spots.

What are some benefits of going on a spring road trip in New Jersey?

A spring road trip lets you see beautiful places. You’ll enjoy activities and make memories.

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