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Hiking Hemlock Falls – Waterfall Hike in South Orange

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  • Post published:04/15/2022
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We get a lot of questions about this spot in South Mountain Reservation. And getting to this NJspots-follower favorite waterfall is easy! There are also a few things you can do here:

1. Park in this parking lot: Google Maps directions

2. After you’ve parked your car of course, walk down the hill right out of the parking lot onto the hiking path. Continue about a quarter of a mile down until you hit the Lenape Trail on your left at the bottom of the hill. 

3. Once you’ve turned left, you’ll be walking down a trail with a stream on your right side. Keep walking down this path! You’ll first pass a stone bridge (on your right) and a smaller waterfall (on your left).

4. Keep going! You’re almost to the falls, and you probably have heard them by now.

You made it!

You can hang out at the bottom of the falls, or take the stairs to the left of the falls to walk around up to (please watch your step).

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