Hiking Through History: Historic Allaire Village

Breaking down brick with grass in foreground

Allaire Village in Allaire State Park holds much historical significance around New Jersey. This is part of a series, Hiking through History.

Let’s explore the Historic Village at Allaire in Wall Township, New Jersey. The village dates back to the early 19th Century when James P. Allaire established Howell Iron Works, a bog iron furnace and a self-sufficient village around it.

The village operates today as a “living history museum” demonstrating how life was when the village and iron works were operational.

Chapel at Allaire State Park

I decided to try to re-create the era with a black & white image of the Chapel. If you are looking for a special place to hold your wedding ceremony, check out the Chapel at Allaire Village.

Continue your walk through Allaire to the Bakery there are large brick ovens where they still bake. I was fortunate to be at the village one day when they were doing demonstrations and watched the bakers. One is surprised how hot it gets in there!


I ended my tour at the Blast Furnace. This is quite an impressive structure and the only non-operational part of the village.

Blast Furnace
Blast Furnace

This is just a taste of what is waiting for you at Allaire Village and I encourage you to explore it for yourself. For more information, check out The History Village at Allaire where you can learn more about the village and get a list of upcoming events.

You can also visit the Allaire State Park website for information about the entire park, including the trails and Pine Creek Railroad.

This installment of the “Hiking Through History” series was originally published on From the Mind of Joe Valencia.

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