The Best Spots for Frozen Photos in New Jersey

Sometimes, the coldest days in New Jersey are the best days to take photos! So grab your camera and head out to these frozen places (and set up these frozen scenes!) to get the best reflections, snowy scenes, and more across the Garden State.

Tranquil Farm Scenes

Getting the perfect snow shot is sometimes as simple as a serene farm scene. Find a place with dark objects to frame in your shot, like a barn or fences, and click away! The sunlight will sparkle beautifully in freshly-fallen snow.

No sunlight? No problem! The snow speaks for itself, especially if it is in the process of falling. 

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Hike Our Parks and Forests

Don’t let the weather scare you! Gear up with your best backpack (ideas here if you need a new one!) and get outside. Some of the best winter shots come from framing wildlife, flora, and frozen branches at the beginning of a storm.

If you’re looking for inspiration near you, check out our state parks and forests map!


Chase them

Book It to the Beach

Yes — really! The frozen waves make for some amazing photos, especially when you can get a pier or rocks — or surfers! — in your photo. 

Bundle up (especially your hands!) to keep you warm from the winter winds, and don’t forget to keep your lens warm between shoots.

If you’re looking for some specific destinations, Asbury Park has some amazing spots to photograph year-round, while any beach with a lighthouse would look amazing framed with some falling snow. 

Check out our lighthouses map to find the closest one near you.

And if you don’t want to brave the beach, take a walk down the boardwalk! It will look absolutely magical in the falling snow.

Dust Off the Drone

Snow time means drone time. The photos below speak for themselves! 

There’s nothing more captivating than seeing pristine snowfall from above — an angle we don’t normally capture or see!

If these don’t make you want a drone, we don’t know what will. Check out our drone coverage here.

Chase (Frozen) Waterfalls

For a unique twist on a winter scene, go out and chase those waterfalls!

Especially right after an overnight freeze, waterfalls across New Jersey will be frozen around the edges and still rushing down the center, creating this unusual effect that is worth the trek.

Check out our top waterfall spots in NJ and our waterfalls map for some inspiration. Make sure to bring a tripod and try our tips for capturing waterfalls to get the best shots.

Just Get Outside!

If you don’t have time to do any of these things, just get outside! 

Some of the best shots can happen right down your road right in your backyard — or even out your window! 

Get creative with your shots to really capture the essence of winter!

Do you have any tips? Let us know in the comments!

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