Hiking At Milford Bluffs Preserve

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One of the best views of the Delaware River is waiting at the Thomas F. Breden Preserve in Milford, New Jersey. Tucked away in between Holland and Milford is an enjoyable mix of forest hiking and open field wandering that leads to breathtaking views of the Delaware River reaching out into the distance.

You will quickly become surrounded by chirping songbirds, hawks surveying open fields, and the sounds of the river seeping through swaying trees. There are many paths to explore in the 202 acre preserve, but here’s some insider information on this favored and enchanting local spot.

This hiking spot feels like a local site because of its hidden entrance. Driving north from the town of Milford, New Jersey, visitors will drive on Route 519 for about a mile and must carefully look for a left-hand turn into a single-lane dirt drive. This road is unmarked except for a small ‘State of New Jersey Natural Land Trust Preserve’ sign on a tree. Once you are on the drive, parking and the trailhead will be found on the left.

Hiking At Milford Bluffs in New Jersey

There are three parts to your hike at the Milford Bluffs: the entrance hike, the open field portion, and the various trails that guide you along the Delaware River. These trails are the ones that offer many exciting vantage points of the river looking out into Pennsylvania.


From the get-go, the trail is marked and easily identifiable. This trail will eventually lead you to a Y, where you can choose to enter into open fields or continue for a little longer on another hiking trail to the right, which will inevitably lead you to the same open field.

Enjoy Views of the Delaware River

Once in the field portion, allow your exploring nature to take over. Trek straight into open fields, or follow along the tree-line to find paths to suit. One tip to remember is that once in the open field, staying tied to the tree line, there will be a path to the right which is a dead end into private property. Instead, pass this open path and find the trail that at first looks like a deer path. This is a trail! And at the end of this intriguing trail is a comfortable spot to rest while looking at the Delaware span to either side.

Another route to take is to pass this trail and follow along the tree line until it leads directly into a forested trail. A note of caution: be extremely careful along the inlets of the trail that lead to literal cliff-hanging vantage points of the river. Otherwise, enjoy like a local!

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