2 Favorite Spots For A New Jersey Photographer

, 2 Favorite Spots For A New Jersey Photographer

Recently we connected with Melchi Dompreh (@melchisan), a freelance photographer from Edison. He wanted to share some of his favorite places in New Jersey to visit around the state and capture some photos. Above are some of his favorite photos from his 2 favorite #NJspots.

From Melchi:

Making The Most of New Jersey

, 2 Favorite Spots For A New Jersey Photographer

There’s not much ‘nature wise’ when it comes to Edison. I’m literally in the middle of New Jersey with a Costco and a Walmart down the street; 5 minutes away from Menlo Park Mall and 30-40 minutes away from the city. It is Suburbia at its busiest with Route 1 and Route 27 going through both sides of Edison’s border.

Finding Creativity Around Him

So when it comes to photography, I really have to be creative with what’s already around me. It’s not like we live in PA where everything is natural and spectacular; so it takes a lot of effort to be creative, to look at things from a different perspective, to innovate what has already been invented…

I started photographing as an excuse. I just wanted an excuse to get outside. To hang out with a friend.

I have 2 spots in New Jersey that are dear to me.

  1. Middlesex Greenway in Middlesex County: It cuts through Metuchen all the way into Rahway. It used to be an old railroad track until 4 years ago. It’s nothing much. It has trees. It’s paved. Bicyclists and joggers often go there for a workout. But it is where my photographic journey began. It is where I honed in on my creativity, my skill, my style and the essence of my personality captured within each image. Middlesex Greenway was the beginning of many things for me and photography is one of them.
  2. Cape May: It’s beautiful. It’s is spectacular especially at the Golden Hour or sunset. A 2-hour and 30 minute drive from Edison, to me, Cape May is like home away from home. I could definitely see myself living there in the future if I decide to move down from here. The Cape May Lighthouse is the main attraction to most, but the shore itself is what draws me into its beauty. With the waters full of passion and power, grace and serenity. That place, Cape May…it’s amazing that places this still exist in Jersey.

Special thanks to Melchi for sharing these great photo spots in New Jersey with us and why they are so special. Be sure to check him out on Instagram and on his blog.

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