Jersey Blueberries: You’ll Miss Them When They’re Gone

Hand holding Blue gigham clothed bowl with blueberries

I recently posted a recipe featuring Jersey Blueberries, and a follower commented saying that she moved from New Jersey years ago, and misses the produce most of all. That comment resonated with me are we really that lucky to live in The Garden State? Yes, yes we are.

We have the most amazing produce popping up from the abundant farms, orchards, and even in our own backyards. There are plentiful farm markets, and trucks drive by all day long carrying crates of everything you can imagine, from cabbage to kale to turnips! Take a bike ride down the street, and you can find local eggs, watermelon, and big ugly tomatoes that taste like a dream.

One of New Jersey’s most famous crops is the blueberry. Travel south, and you’ll find what’s called The Outer Coastal Plain. This region is known for its sandy soils that are conducive to growing grapes (Yay, wine!), cranberries, and blueberry bushes studded with azure gems.

In fact, New Jersey is home to Hammonton, the “Blueberry Capital of the World!” However, Blueberry farms aren’t limited to Hammonton alone. D’Ottavio Farms in Vineland, Allen Family Farms in Woodbine, and B&B Farms in Galloway are just a few of the local growers. You can even pick your own at various farms, such as Blueberry Bill Farms and Lindsay’s Pick Your Own Blueberry Farm. Take a look at these enormous, plump, and juicy berries from Top Crop!

Jersey blueberries

Besides being tasty, Jersey blueberries are super nutritious, so much so that they are considered a superfood! They are high in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, loaded with vitamins C and K, rich in manganese, and high in fiber.

These beautiful baby blues are perfect for eating as-is, but they are even better when prepared in a pie or smoothie. Check out the links below for some Jersey blueberry-inspired recipes!

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Berry Overload Galette

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Summer Berry Basil Caprese

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