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The Best Places For Sunrise & Sunset Photos in New Jersey

When you are a photographer in New Jersey there are an abundance of places you can travel to to set up your camera for great sunrise and sunset shots. Recently the #NJspots Community was asked some of their favorite and best places to take sunrise and sunset photos in New Jersey. Here is what they had to say.

Best Sunrise Spots for Photos in New Jersey

One of the first places you probably think about for sunrise photos in New Jersey, is the shore. Being on the east coast, we have the pleasure to sit in the sand and watch the sun rise above the horizon on the Atlantic Ocean. Besides the common shore sunrise photos, we have some other places to visit in New Jersey to take sunrise photos.

Sunrise & Sunset Spots in New Jersey

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Hoboken Waterfront – Sunrise in New Jersey

One of our followers, Emma Guinnessey suggested the Hoboken Waterfront overlooking the Hudson River with the New York City Skyline hanging over to visit for sunrises in New Jersey. As you can see with the photo below the sunrise coming through the NYC skyline is so powerful looking with the city skyscrapers silhouetted by the morning sun. This is a great place to set up your camera for sunrise in New Jersey.


Washington Rock – Sunrise in New Jersey

If you are looking for some higher elevation to experience the sunrise, you can head up Washington Rock Park in Bridgewaster, NJ. You can drive directly up to the spot where you will be welcomed by a large flag pole and overlook with the NYC skyline in the distance. – Photo Credit theunkool on


Apps for Predicting the Sunset

Sunset Forecase Website

Sunset Spots In New Jersey for Photos

When living in New Jersey it can be great to find places to take sunrise photos with the shore, but there are some unique places to take photos of the sunsets in the Garden State too. We have a few of our community members’ suggestions for the best sunset photo spots in New Jersey.

Sunset Photos in Belmar, NJ

When you are in Belmar, you would expect that it would be a place to take photos of the sunrise, but our community member Trisha M. Capparelli shared the below photo of the sky colors. While this shot doesn’t have the sun in the photo, the colors that are spread across the sky from the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean are beautiful.


Sunset Photos At Manasquan Inlet

This photo of the sunset in Manasquan Inlet is a great place to stake out for some sunset photos and color magic in the sky in New Jersey. Another suggestion by Trisha M. Capparelli this is a great place to get some great colors and clouds in the sky, but we really like that the water can have a great reflection too.


Sunset Photo Spot in New Jersey at Jenks Beach

Anyone that lives in New Jersey and says they wouldn’t want palm trees in their sunset photo shot is lying. Being in the northeast we aren’t lucky enough to have too many palm trees but if you visit Jenks Beach in New Jersey you can. With the vast sky and the possibility of silhouette palm trees, Jenks beach is another great spot for sunset photos in New Jersey. Big thanks again to Trisha M. Capparelli for this place and photo.


Sunset Photos at Sandy Hook, NJ

One of our followers Charles (@charles_winant), shared some of his favorite sunset shots he photographed at Sandy Hook, NJ. A popular place for people to venture to in New Jersey, with the bay on one side and ocean on the other you have a great wide angle view of the horizon as the sun sets.


Find Sunset & Sunrise Photos Spots In New Jersey

Next time you are searching for best places to photograph the sunset or sunrise in New Jersey be sure to check some of the favorite places by our community. Also if you have any suggestions or photos you would like to share, be sure to send them to us to add them to this article. Thanks!

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