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Visiting Eagle Rock Reservation

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If you need a new place to explore, check out Eagle Rock Reservation,! located in South Orange There’s something to do for the whole family, whether you want to get your hiking boots dirty, have a picnic, or set up your tripod.

*Please maintain social distancing measures when exploring. Thank you!

Check Out the NYC Overlook

The picture in the header image is taken from an iPhone from the overlook! This spot is amazing day and night, so take your camera and tripod, and head out on a clear night or day to get some of the best views of NYC from North Jersey. This would also be a great sunrise spot!

Need a tripod? Our gear list recommendations has you covered.

Hike, Hike, Hike!

Get those hiking boots dirty and explore the fall foliage! Eagle Rock Reservation has miles and miles of hiking trails through woods and over streams.

Explore the park map or all the top trails on AllTrails.

Take a Picnic

There are plenty of grassy areas to sit and enjoy a beautiful day in the reservation. 

While you’re there, explore the Wall of Remembrance and the 9/11 Memorial. Learn more in this brochure.

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