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There is nothing like New York City. The noise, the traffic, the hustle, and the bustle. And we all know New York has been dubbed one of the greatest cities in the world, but there is something relaxing about not being a part of the city — and that’s being apart from the city.

Here’s where New Jersey comes in! You can’t get these NYC views while on the island, only here in the Garden State.

If you are looking for the perfect New York City overlooks – we got you covered!

Hamilton Park (Weehawken, NJ)

Personally, I consider Hamilton Park to be the best overlook of New York City. Why you may ask?

This historic park (location of the famous Aaron Burr/Alexander Hamilton duel) has panoramic views of the entire metropolis. From the Freedom Tower to the George Washington Bridge – you can see it all! Come by in the evening and you can see the orange glow of the sunset reflect off entire west side of the city. This is the closest you can get to New York with a vantage point.

Walk along the park and you can stare directly into the bright lights of Times Square or straight through the line of sight to the East River. You can even lay down on the lawn of the park and still capture all the views.

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Eagle Rock Reservation (West Orange, NJ)

Eagle Rock Reservation offers a stunning view of New York City and the surrounding areas – perfect for photography. From the top of Eagle Rock, photographers can capture spectacular views of the city skyline, including iconic landmarks such as the Empire State Building and One World Trade Center. This vantage point also provides breathtaking views of the Hudson River and its bridges. Read out complete guide.

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Fort Lee Historic Park (Fort Lee, NJ)

Sometimes the best view of New York is not the skyscrapers of Manhattan, but another monumental man-made structure — the George Washington Bridge. At Fort Lee Historic Park, you can get up close to this enormous 2-deck, 14-lane bridge built in 1927. While it may not be one of the most common New York City overlooks, it’s one of the most interesting.

Fort Lee Historic Park allows you to get an overlook from above, as well as breathtaking views on the banks of the Hudson River. We never thought a bridge can take your breath away until we visited it. This is also the beginning of Palisades Interstate Park, where you can hike above and below the bridge.

Liberty State Park (Jersey City, NJ)

What differentiates Liberty State Park from the other riverside parks in New Jersey overlooking New York? This is the closest you can get to clear views of the Freedom Tower and the Statue of Liberty!

The Freedom Tower is commonly known to be 1,776ft, but you don’t honestly know how “towering” it is. At Liberty State Park, we feel you will be looking up for quite a while!

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Wyanokie High Point, Norvin State Park (Wanaque, NJ)

Do us a favor and look closely. Very closely! In the distance of the horizon, on a clear day, you can see the Big Apple — trust us, it’s there. This overlook is quite different than the other locations on this list, but it should not be ignored.

On a clear day, a pleasant hike in the Norvin Green State Forest can provide views you never knew existed. This image showcases how massive New York City is and how unique New Jersey can be. Not many cities can be viewed from a hiking trail miles and miles away. See this hike and more on our hiking map.

Weehawken Recreation Pier (Weehawken, NJ)

Our second mention of Weehawken, NJ will not disappoint. This location is special because it allows you to capture the detail of the city at a close proximity. The Recreation Pier goes out into the Hudson River, providing a view right on the water!

You can get close to the whizzing boats and get the BEST view of The Vessel at Hudson Yards! From here, you can look directly into the landmark and see the people climbing up the honeycomb-like steps.

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Pier A Park (Hoboken, NJ)

What is a New York City overlook post without the mention of Hoboken? Pier A Park located right along Hoboken Lackawanna Terminal will get you lined up across from West Village and provide stunning views of Fi-Di.

Here, you can do more than just sightsee! On the protruding lawn you can make a day out these wonderful views. We recommend bringing along a furry friend — they will enjoy it too.

Morris Canal Park (Jersey City, NJ)

Last but not least, one more spot in Jersey City, where you can not only check out the infamous Colgate Clock but check out sweeping views of lower Manhattan at the same time. We recently had a meetup here and it did not disappoint!

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Featured image by NJspots Patron Ken (@kenproshot).

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