Finding Sandy Hook’s Voodoo Bunker

Interior concrete structure with graffiti

Sandy Hook, a favorite of most New Jersey photographers, is full of places for amazing photographs — from Officer’s Row to the lighthouse.

But you may not know about this “secret” spot on bunker beach, which was built as a munitions bunker during WWII.

Sandy Hook’s Voodoo Bunker takes a little bit of searching, but once you find it, the photos will be well worth the sandy shoes (especially if you see the seals too!)

Parking and starting the trek

sandy hook voodoo bunker, Finding Sandy Hook’s Voodoo Bunker

You can start in one of two spots: the South Beach Area E parking lot, or the Gunnison Beach parking lot, depending on how packed each lot is. Then, head north on Hartshorne Drive on foot. Turn left just before Area F road on a service road toward the bay.

Then head south along the beach until you hit Bunker Beach.

The Voodoo Bunker

sandy hook voodoo bunker, Finding Sandy Hook’s Voodoo Bunker

There are there are 2 bunkers side by side once you hit the beach — the one you’re looking for is on the end. Explore along the rocks (it’s a bit of a hike!) until you find one that looks like this — you’ve found the Voodoo bunker!

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Explore more of Sandy Hook with our guide. And let us know if you made it by tagging your photos with #NJspots and your stories with @NJspots. We can’t wait to see your adventures!

Big thanks to Patron Anna Pittas for exploring this spot and providing all photos.

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