Visiting Bridgewater NJ’s Waterfall

So you’ve seen that Bridgewater waterfall (it’s called Buttermilk Falls!) on Instagram — here’s how to get there.

Step 1: Use the Google Maps directions above to get to the Hawk Watch parking lot in Washington Valley Park. There are many other entry points to this park, but this gets you to the waterfall the fastest.

Step 2: Start walking through the gate toward the Hawk Watch. The path will be paved at first, but keep walking to the right down the hill on the hiking trail (it is rather wide, you can’t miss it). Note: you can visit the Hawk Watch first – this won’t derail you! 

Step 3: Walk about 8-10 minutes downhill until you hear rushing water. You will see a small pond first before you see the waterfall. To your left, you should see a concrete slab that leads you to the waterfall.

This will be your view if you just visit the waterfall from the top.

Step 4: Enjoy! You can climb down to the base of the waterfall/the river, but please be careful as you do so.

Bonus: The Buttermilk Falls loop trail will take you back to the car if you want to get a little hike in. Just continue on the path past the waterfall.

If you want more waterfall hikes, check out our guide. And here’s some tips on how to take the best pictures of waterfalls possible!

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