Visiting the Historic Rahway River Park in Cranford New Jersey

If you are looking for fun things to do in Union County, New Jersey like fishing, walking, running, biking, or even canoeing, you don’t have to travel far!

There is a section of the Rahway River located in Cranford that has multiple facilities suited for everyone’s needs. The river spans seven miles in the park, and every mile contains something for everyone.

Enjoy Mohawk Park and Trail

This is definitely a hidden gem in the town! There are around two miles of walking or “hiking” paths starting from Hillside Ave all the way to Big Bend Lake.

The park itself also hosts a basketball court, a running path around the lake, and a playground for children. There are a few bridges which house awesome views for photos.

When it is nice out, you will see people fishing along the pathways, riding bikes, walking/running, and even some people using their personal canoes to fish.

During the fall, it is an awesome spot to take photos because the leaves mixed with the reflection of the water allow for incredible shot!

Image: Salvatore Recupero

Visit the South Side — Droescher's Mill Park

This area is less crowded, which is great when trying to fish since there will be less competition. The wooded area and waterfall will allow you to get great photos depending on the weather and time of day!

The Mill, situated to the right of the dam/falls is the oldest continuously operated commercial building in New Jersey. It was even added as part of the National register of Historic Places in 1974.

Paddle with Cranford Canoe Club

The list would not be complete if it did not mention the Cranford Canoe Club. Dating back to when the township was founded, Cranford has been given the nickname “The Venice of NJ” since all the people living along the river would travel via boats/canoes.

At the canoe club, you can rent a canoe or kayak for up to two hours. During your two hours, you will forget you are in a suburban area, as beautiful wooded areas and wildlife will be in full effect.

Be sure to ride all the way up to Nomahegan Park, and make sure you have your camera available in this part of the river as there are multiple forms of wildlife that you can photograph, not to mention stunning views. Depending on the weather, it will get very shallow the more you head up to the park.

These suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg of things to do along the Rahway River in Cranford. There are many other GREAT places to visit, and things to see — the question is which places will you choose?

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