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Hiking The Stairway To Heaven Trail in Vernon, New Jersey

Recently our founder, Virginia and our moderator, Stefanie hiked up the Stairway to Heaven Trail (Also known as Pinwheel Vista) in Vernon, New Jersey. Being part of the Appalachian Trail, this was a great medium length hike. Heading up there in the Fall season, was great timing too. With some of the leaves already changing colors and some of them already on the ground, you can see the landscape changing before you.

Good For Beginners & All Hiking Skills

Our Suggestions:

  • Walking Stick or Hiking Poles
  • Camera or Phone for Pictures
  • Good Boots with Good Grips
  • Coat or Sweatshirt for the Top
  • Snack and Water

The overall length of the trail is about 4 miles out and back. The gain of elevation is around 1000 feet, so you’re gaining a lot of elevation in a short period of time. This hike is great for beginners in the New Jersey area and also good for families and/or pets. We suggest using hiking poles or a walking stick. There are some rocks along the way. With a rainy or damp morning they can be slippery, especially with wet leaves on top.

Forked Trail At The Top

When you get to the top of the mountain, there is a large pile of rocks. At this rock pile, you will see a small sign that says “The View” on the tree. If you take the fork to the left in the trail this will bring you to the overlook of Stairway to Heaven. If you want to see more of the Appalachian Trail, you can take the fork to the right which will lead you up another small elevation gain. You will then come across a mailbox attached to one of the trees. At this mailbox you can see inside the notebook of Appalachian trail hikers and their messages left behind.

The View From Stairway To Heaven Trail

“Great Spot For Sunset Photos in New Jersey” – Virginia, Founder of #NJspots

The view from the top of the mountain is spectacular. You can overlook all of Sussex County and even see High Point State Park Monument across the horizon. You can also see directly to the left, Mountain Creek Resort. The views are gorgeous any time of day. Because of the direction of the view on top of the mountain, this would be a beautiful place to watch the sunset in northern New Jersey.

Great Hike For Sunsets & Views In New Jersey

So if you’re looking for a good morning hike or a good hike to spot the sunset in New Jersey, the stairway to heaven trail is a great option. With gorgeous views and a simple elevation gain, this is a good option for anyone looking to enjoy nature.

Virginia, NJspots Founder

Founded by Virginia in 2015, NJspots is a place where New Jersey natives and visitors can find amazing photos taken around the state while discovering new spots to explore. With over 227,000 tags used on Instagram, NJspots is the place to go to find your next new spot in New Jersey to adventure to. Virginia has a passion for sharing these great spots and experiences people can have in NJ and also sharing the great photos along the way.

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