Photographer Feature: Scooter Roth (@scooterroth)

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Once a week, we interview one of our Patrons or a photographer from our Slack community on!

We hope that you learn a new spot or new camera setup!


Who are you, and where in New Jersey are you from?

My name Scott Roth aka Scooter. I grew up in Hopatcong, New Jersey and currently living in Wharton. I have several different Instagram handles for business as an Event Photographer and use @scooterroth as the hub if via stories and landscape, featuring non-event work in the feed.

What are best spots for photography in New Jersey, and why?

It depends on the style of photography! 

For portraits, I love the Tacoria Mexican restaurants for their artwork.

I also love the Art Factory.

For events, I shoot at 4Sixty6 a lot.

What's your camera setup?

My full frame is a Canon EOS R, and I also have a Canon 80D.

What's your dream piece of gear? Think big!

I really want to improve my video work so probably a higher end gimbal rig.

What's one bucket list photo of New Jersey you haven't gotten yet?

I took a cool photo of the old carousel in Asbury Park and thought it would be a really cool spot for a legitimate star trails photo but haven’t had a night I can be there long enough.

Want to explore Asbury Park or work on night photography? Check out our guides.

One tip for aspiring photographers?

If you want to be a full time photographer then tell people you are a photographer — not a hobbyist or an occasional one-day-soon-to-be-photographer. People don’t need to know what pays your bills. People want to trust you if they are going to hire you. No one wants to be your first client, so don’t give them the impression that they would be!

What's your favorite part of being a photographer?

The ability to look at things through different lenses....and what that means when I put the camera down. Its what motivated me to start a nonprofit approach to getting students behind the camera and applying their new vision to everyday life.

“Photographer Feature” is an ongoing segment featuring our Patrons and Slack community members. Contact editor Abbey Dufoe for more information.

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