Rutgers Gardens Instameet Wrap Up

Virginia and friend in Forrest pointing over pond

What’s up guys?

Looking to escape New Jersey without leaving New Jersey? Open up Google Maps, type in Rutgers Gardens, get in your car and GO!

Rutgers Gardens is home to many different types of plants, wildlife, and an easy to navigate trail.


The highlight of Rutgers Gardens is the Bamboo Forest (yes, they have a bamboo forest). We were immersed by giant sticks of bamboo coming from all directions. It’s pretty easy to get lost and forget that you’re in New Jersey and not the Himalayas.


Additionally Rutgers Gardens is the home to many other types of plants, such as (brace yourselves. We couldn’t pronounce them either; we advise coming up with your own names for these suckers.) amorpha canescens, berberis, ceanothus americanus, hypericum (located in the Ella Quimby Water Conservation Terrace.)

We can talk about the vast plant life they supply at Rutgers Gardens ALL day, seriously, there are TOO many to name!


Rutgers Gardens is the perfect place to clear your mind, bring a date, bring your parents, laugh, cry, argue with your siblings, break up with someone, get married (they hold weddings there!), it is the perfect place for a quick getaway without really getting away!

We held a meet at the Gardens this past weekend, it was such an incredible turnout!

This is one NJspot we HIGHLY recommend.

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