5 Must-Have Apps for Planning Your Travels

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So you’re looking to explore some places, maybe a New Jersey tour road trip or an adventurous journey away from New Jersey. Regardless there are some great tools and apps you can use to help plan your trip and use while you’re traveling. These are some of the apps I constantly use for my travels.

Top 5 Apps For Travel

Kayak Flight Prices


I really like Kayak’s app and website to begin planning my travels. I really use this a lot for checking a variety of flight options for local airports and different airlines for the best prices, scheduling, and planning ahead. I really love the ability to make a travel alert to alert you when prices for flights drop or go up if you are planning far in advance. It’s a great tool to use to get your travel ideas brewing.


Trip Advisor

I really love using TripAdvisor for pre-booking reservations or activities for my trip. There are so many users that leave reviews and ratings for a wide variety of places, you can get a great idea of what to expect. Beside the typical “4-star” ratings to look for, I really like reading the reviews that people write out and look for extra tips/tricks for the local area.



Another great website for comparision and local information is Hotels.com. I use this almost exclusively to book and reserve my accommodations. What I really like about it is the rewards system they provide. For every 10 nights you stay with your bookings through the site, they will reward you with a credit for you next booking. It’s a great way to earn some rewards while you’re booking your hotels.

Google Maps

Google Maps

Most people are familiar with using Google Maps for navigation and searching for local areas, but I use it a step further to plan my trips. In Google Maps, there is an option to make your own map. You can add places of interest, details about plans, photos, and directions for your entire trip. I like to do this when I’m planning a trip that involves driving to different destinations, especially because I can download the map offline before I go on my trip, so I have it no matter what the service is like.

All Trails


If you are planning your travels around perhaps a hike or exploring the outdoors in the area, AllTrails is a great website and app to take with you. With local parks, national parks, and local trails mapped on the app, it’s a great way for you to explore your surroundings. Complete with reviews and ratings, you can get a good sense of what to expect before you start a hike without enough water or going in the right direction.

These are some of the ways I use apps and websites to plan my travels. I get a good sense of where I’m going and what to expect before I get there. It’s good to have that knowledge, instead of scrambling around for information when you get there.

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