Best Off-Season Beaches in New Jersey

It’s local summer! Explore these off-season spots to get the most out of the shore this fall and winter.

Cape May

Drive down to Exit 0 and make a day out of visiting the beach at Cape May! There’s tons to do at the beach — Sunset Beach, the WWII bunker, the lighthouse, birding, visiting Higbee Beach on the bay, and more!

Check out our whole guide for winter fun in town, too.

Ocean Grove

Grab your camera and head down to Ocean Grove. It’s not as crowded (perfect for social distancing!). While you’re here, you can get some great images of Asbury Park to the north and Bradley Beach to the south. Check out this spot during morning golden hour, too.

Many thanks to writer Joe Valencia for this tip!

Asbury Park

Speaking of Asbury Park — you voted this spot the best photo spot in the state, and for good reason! Walk down by the ocean in the morning for some amazing splash shots, or check out the amazing art up by the boardwalk.

In town, there are plenty of spots to take shots too, especially after it rains! Make sure to bring your pup — the dog beach is open again!

Island Beach State Park

Explore one of our state’s amazing state parks in the off-season. Take a hike and maybe spot a snowy owl!

Explore our guide for more. Many thanks to writer and Patron Matt Baron for this tip and the guide!

Sandy Hook

One of our top spots and a shore favorite, explore Sandy Hook — from the Voodoo Bunker to Officer’s Row. Take a long lens shot toward NYC or Atlantic Highlands.

While you’re there, explore more of Monmouth County.

What’s your favorite off-season spot? Let us know in the comments!

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