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The Best Adventures For National New Jersey Day


July 27th is National New Jersey Day

We come together as a community to celebrate National New Jersey Day! As a community of over 50,000 strong, we are excited to share some of the best things to do for National New Jersey Day! Check out the list below with some of the best spots and places to visit this week, weekend, or month to appreciate all the great things New Jersey has to offer!

NJspots was founded with the notion of sharing the amazing places that New Jersey had that most people didn’t know about. With the intent to avoid the stigmas of the state, NJspots’ mission is to show the beauty and amazing places the New Jersey has to offer. We hope that you can find your spot and share new ones with us. Don’t forget to tag #NJspots.

Go For A Hike – Shade = Cooler Temps!

With there being plenty of types of hikes across the state, New Jersey has a wide variety to choose from no matter what region you’re in. We have collected some of our favorite hiking spots on our map and also have a few guides below that can help you choose what parks to visit in your region.

Explore Local Waterfalls & Lakes In New Jersey

If you are looking for some cooldown spots, we have some of the best waterfalls and swimming spots for you to discover around the state. Check out the maps below and start exploring some of these spots, but also keep in mind, you may want to get to these places earlier in the day to avoid the crowds during these hot days!

Waterfall Spots

Also Find Lookouts

Swimming Holes

Dog-Friendly Spots Too

Virginia, NJspots Founder

Founded by Virginia in 2015, NJspots is a place where New Jersey natives and visitors can find amazing photos taken around the state while discovering new spots to explore. With over 227,000 tags used on Instagram, NJspots is the place to go to find your next new spot in New Jersey to adventure to. Virginia has a passion for sharing these great spots and experiences people can have in NJ and also sharing the great photos along the way.

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