Exploring the Outdoors of Cape May Point

Cape May is a great spot to visit, but you may not know if all the outdoor spots to check out on the southern tip of New Jersey. So make a day out of it and explore the outdoors around Cape May Point at these amazing spots!

Catch the sunset

Of course, plan for your last stop of the day to be Sunset Beach! It’s one of the best places in New Jersey to catch the sunset, and there’s even some World War I wreckage to check out.

Take a hike (and see some birds)

National Geographic lists Cape May as a World’s Best destination for birding. The narrow peninsula at Cape May acts as a bird funnel, bringing in songbirds during their spring and fall migrations. 

Take a walk in the Cape May Migratory Bird Refuge to see what you can find. And check out some of the bird blinds!

Check out more birding spots in New Jersey.

Walk along the beach and check out the lighthouse

Explore Cape May Point State Park, which you may know for their lighthouse!

There’s an environmental center to check out, and a World War II bunker you can walk right up to on the beach.

Of course, there’s also downtown Cape May and lots of free adventures to check out if the time is right. But make sure you spend some quality time outside!

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