What Everyone Should Know About New Jersey

New Jersey is a state that’s full of surprises. At first glance, New Jersey appears as a simple state that sits next to the bustling city of New York. However, that’s just barely scratching the surface of it. In fact, did you know that New Jersey is also referred to as the Garden State? This is because the state has some of the most lush greenery you’ll ever see as well as having the largest gardening culture in the country. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of facts that everyone should know about the Garden State.

New Jersey is Home to the First and Last Drive-In Theater in the Country

We’ll start off this article with a little bit of history. Did you know that New Jersey is home to the first and last drive-in movie theaters in the country? The first drive-in movie theater opened in Camden, NJ in 1933. It lasted until 2005 when it was closed due to competition from multiplexes and cineplexes. The final movie shown at this drive-in was The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. In April 2010, two years after its closure, it re-opened as a retail outlet called The Hollywood Connection.

New Jersey is One of the Most Expensive States to Live In

New Jersey is a great place to live in, but it’s also one of the most expensive states to live in, with the state’s cost of living about 15 percent higher than the national average. Housing, in particular, is probably the most expensive thing about New Jersey. It can be a real challenge finding a place to stay regardless if you’re a renter or an avid homebuyer. Because of the high costs, even renovating and remodeling is very difficult to finance by yourself. 

Whether you’re planning on making your home more comfortable or looking to get into real estate investment, renovating can go a long way. In New Jersey, your best bet to pay for your renovations is to take out a personal loan. Taking advantage of personal loans is highly recommended as it’s the most flexible option. You can use it for pretty much anything you need including home renovations.

Pumping Your Own Gas is Illegal

If you’re used to pumping your own gas, then you’ll need to reconsider living in New Jersey. It’s illegal to pump your own gas in the state and there are fines for those who break this rule. Under a law that was introduced in 1949, it is against the rules to pump your own gas anywhere in New Jersey. 

If you’re caught breaking this law, a fine of up to $50 can be imposed on you. This law was brought into place because there were concerns that customers would steal fuel or tamper with the meter when pumping their own gasoline. However, while these concerns may have been valid at one point in time, they’re no longer valid reasons for having such a strict rule today.

Hoboken is Where the First Baseball Game Was Played

The first baseball game was played in Hoboken, NJ and it happened in 1846. The game was played by two teams of local men who had decided to organize their own team after watching the New York Knickerbockers play against the New York Nine. The first modern-style rules were written by Alexander Cartwright, who lived in Hoboken at the time and drew up a set of rules for what would become known as modern baseball. 

Cartwright’s version differed from traditional English cricket in some key ways. Nine players were on each side instead of eleven; they used a smaller ball than cricket batsmen; and they wore gloves while batting so as not to injure their hands when catching balls at such close range. The field where this historic match took place is now called Elysian Fields Park and still hosts baseball games today.

There’s a Place Called Loveladies

There are other popular places to see besides Long Beach Island and the rest of the shore. Loveladies is a small town in New Jersey, located on Long Beach Island. It’s home to 2,800 people and has an average household income of $88,000. Lovelaways is also the birthplace of comedian Louis C.K., who was born in Washington DC but spent his childhood summers there with his father when he wasn’t touring with his mother and sister.

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