Ocean County

Photography Scavenger Hunt:
Ocean County

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Get Your Camera Ready for Our New Jersey Scavenger Hunt!

Want a little adventure? We’ve created a scavenger hunt for every county in New Jersey. You can see them all here.

So grab your camera, download the map below, and head our to get some new photos and explore some new places!

We realize that your favorite photo spot might not be on the list, and that’s ok! These maps and lists are designed to get you to some new spots you might not have explored in the Garden State.

Once you’ve crossed all the spots off the list, let us know and we’ll send you a sticker!

Cattus Island County Park

Go hiking here through the wetlands. The unique treescapes, and boardwalks make for amazing photos.

Pine Barrens Native Fruits

Try your hand out at fruit photos. Maybe start a new series!

Sail boat at the end of 9th Ave, Seaside Park

Have you gotten a sailboat shot?

Casino Pier

A favorite of droners, check this pier out at night for amazing colors and sunsets.

And since you’re already nearby, drive on over to Island Beach State Park and get some amazing sand shots!

Barnegat Lighthouse

The most photographed lighthouse in New Jersey, this staple can be photographed many angles. Which are you going to try? Maybe night photos? Check out our guide for that.

Since you’re nearby, check out what there is to do on Long Beach Island.

For more lighthouses, check out our lighthouse map.

This is from a series “Photography Scavenger Hunt.” Contact editor Abbey Dufoe if you have suggestions for spots to add!

NJspots is a growing community. By sharing you can help.

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