Discover Parvin State Park: Camping, Hiking Fishing and Swimming and More

Did you know that Parvin State Park attracts over 150,000 visitors annually? It’s a beautiful natural area in New Jersey that offers lots to do for the whole family. There are activities like camping, hiking trails, fishing, and swimming in fresh water lakes. This park is a hidden gem for people who love the outdoors. Parvin State Park in Pittsgrove NJ welcomes adventurers, families, and anyone wanting to connect with nature.

If you like hiking or kayaking, Parvin State Park is great for you. Take peaceful walks by the water or take challenging hikes with beautiful views. If you prefer the water, use the boat launch with your boat (electric motors only) or kayak  or you can rent canoes, though it might cost a bit more. This lets you explore the quiet waters and enjoy the calm surroundings.

When you’re done exploring for the day, camping under the stars is a perfect end. You can rent a rustic cabin, bring your RV, or pitch a tent, with access to drinking water and restrooms. A small camping fee helps keep the park beautiful for everyone. Dogs are welcome if they’re on a leash. Just remember, no hunting is allowed, and safety rules should be followed when swimming.

Key Takeaways

  • Parvin State Park is a year-round haven for outdoor activities, offering various experiences such as camping, hunting,  hiking, fishing, and swimming.
  • The trails cater to hikers of all levels while canoeing and kayaking open up new avenues to enjoy the park’s aquatic splendors.
  • Those wishing to camp can choose between cozy cabin rentals or traditional camping sites equipped with essential facilities.
  • A commitment to nature demands adherence to park rules, including a strict pet policy and a smoke-free, alcohol-free environment.
  • Go for a dip in the designated swimming areas supervised by lifeguards to ensure a safe and refreshing experience.

Introduction to Parvin State Park

Welcome to Parvin State Park, a beautiful spot in Pittsgrove, Salem County NJ. It’s perfect for nature lovers and outdoor fans. The Parvin State Park map is essential. It helps you find the cozy Parvin State Park cabins.

The park has trails for all. You can walk, hike, kayak, or boat. It’s great for families and pets too. Parvin State Park welcomes everyone.

It offers gender-neutral restrooms and private parking. You can hike, paddle, or enjoy the views. The park is open from morning till evening.

For campers, there are cabins and tent sites. Fees help maintain the park. Book early for cabins!

Remember to follow park rules about hunting and swimming. It’s a smoke-free and alcohol-free place. This keeps it beautiful for all.

Enjoy sunrise walks or family picnics here. It’s a special place for creating memories. Let’s all respect nature and each other at Parvin State Park.

Exploring the Trails of Parvin State Park

Parvin State Park is a hidden gem for those who love the outdoors. Its forests, ponds, and low lying areas offer a perfect setting for hikers. Parvin State Park trails welcome everyone, whether you’re an expert or want a peaceful walk.

A Guide to Hiking Path Difficulty

The park has trails for all. Kids and experienced hikers will find paths that suit them. For an easy walk or a challenging trek, the park has it all. You’ll see beautiful landscapes whichever path you choose.

The beauty of hiking here is not just the walk. It’s about the animals and plants you’ll see. And don’t miss the stunning views around the corners. They’re what make Parvin State Park special.

Discover the Best Trails for Scenic Views

Looking for gorgeous views? The trails here won’t let you down. You’ll find spots that look out over lakes and wetlands. These places are perfect for thinking or taking photos.

Parvin Park Trail Guide

  1. Black Oak Trail (Brown): Spanning 2.5 miles, this easy, multiuse trail runs along the southern boundary of the park. Starting at the end of Cabin Colony Road, it meanders through flat pine and oak forests, offering a serene woodland experience.

  2. Flat Trail (Pink): A short connector trail of 0.35 miles, Flat Trail links both sides of Forest Road Trail. It winds through pine and oak flats, featuring several short boardwalks for a pleasant stroll.

  3. Forest Road Trail (Blue): This 3.2-mile loop trail, accessible from Parvin Mill Road, is perfect for a leisurely walk or bike ride. Following a paved road, it offers easy terrain and scenic views, making it suitable for all skill levels.

  4. Knoll Trail (Orange): Stretching 0.5 miles, Knoll Trail serves as a convenient connector between Forest Road Trail, Parvin Lake Trail, and Long Trail. Mostly single-track, it traverses pine needle-covered sand, providing a tranquil pathway through the woods.

  5. Long Trail (Red): Covering 2.9 miles, Long Trail offers a semi-loop through Parvin State Park. Beginning at Thundergust Lake Trail or Parvin Lake Trail, it winds through pine and oak forests, crossing Muddy Run on a curved bridge before joining Nature Trail near Parvin Lake.

  6. Lost Trail (Gold): This 0.7-mile side trail, accessible from Forest Road Trail near Jaggers Point Camping Area, leads through flat pine and oak forest. It intersects with Long Trail, offering a scenic route with glimpses of the park’s natural beauty.

  7. Nature Trail (White): A short loop trail of 0.67 miles, Nature Trail starts at the intersection of Parvin Lake Trail and Long Trail. Shared with Long Trail initially, it offers a serene journey through the park’s lush surroundings.

  8. Parvin Lake Trail (Green): Spanning 3 miles, this easy, multiuse loop trail encircles Parvin Lake. Beginning at Parvin Grove day use area, it meanders along the lake’s perimeter, offering picturesque views and historical sites, including remnants of the Civilian Conservation Corps camp.

  9. Thundergust Trail (Yellow): Covering 1 mile, this easy, multiuse loop trail winds around Thundergust Lake. Starting from Thundergust Lake day use area, it provides a scenic pathway along the water’s edge, perfect for a leisurely stroll or bike ride.

Every trail offers something unique. You might find amazing views or hear the forest’s whispers. The wild calls you to explore. So, get ready for an adventure in Parvin State Park. Happy hiking!

Everything You Need to Know About Parvin State Park Camping

Heading out for an adventure at Parvin State Park camping could be your year’s highlight. The park is a paradise with 918 acres of forests and peaceful lakes. It’s great for nature lovers and offers spots for tents or cozy cabins.

The park has 56 tent and trailer campsites that fit up to six people each, and you can bring two cars. So, your friends or family won’t have to leave anyone behind. For big groups, there are sites that fit 25 people each and ten of the indivual sites are put aside for campers that want to bring their pets.

Looking for comfort in the wild? Parvin State Park’s cabins are your best bet. You can pick from 18 cabins,  kithens, bathrooms and a  living room and fireplace.  The cabins are surrounded by trees. Plus, two cabins are designed for people with disabilities, so everyone can enjoy the park.

Don’t miss out on the lifeguard-staffed swimming beach at Parvin Grove for a cool swim. If you love boating, there’s a spot for that on Parvin Lake, but only for electric motors.

There are lots of activities, like picnics by the lake or bird watching. The park is home to over 180 bird species. But remember to book beforehand if you’re coming with a large group for a picnic.

It’s easy to find what you need near the park, from gas to medical help. Yet, NJspots fans will find that the local conveniences don’t spoil the feeling of escape that Parvin State Park offers.

Enjoying the park’s beauty comes with rules, especially about pets. You’ll need to keep pets on leashes and clean up after them. Following these simple rules will help make your visit memorable for the right reasons.

Fishing at Parvin State Park

Parvin State Park invites you to enjoy its peaceful setting. Here, you can fish in fresh waters, kayak, and take relaxing boat rides. 

Kayaking and Boating Opportunities

Ready to see more of Parvin State Park? Kayaking and boating here let you explore peaceful waterways in New Jersey. Slide over the smooth water to find hidden spots of beauty where only nature’s sounds fill the air.

Freshwater Fishing Essentials

The park’s waters are full of various fish, making it a paradise for anglers. It offers clean water, restrooms, and showers to make your fishing trip comfortable. Remember your gear, respect wildlife, and enjoy catching fish surrounded by turtles and birds.

Popular Fishing Spots

Finding a good fishing spot is crucial for a successful day at Parvin State Park. Some areas are especially good, making fishing there even better. Whether you’re fishing from shore or by boat, each spot has its own set of challenges.

LocationAvailable SpeciesAccessibilityAmenities
Lake ParvinBass, Pike, PanfishShore, BoatCampfires, Picnic Areas
Muddy RunTrout, CatfishShorePotable Water, Toilets
Thundergut PondPickerel, SunfishBoat, Limited ShoreTrash Facilities, Showers

Parvin State Park welcomes you to discover its wonders. Whether you fish, kayak, or enjoy the scenery, there’s a perfect mix of relaxation and adventure here.

Beat the Heat by Swimming at Parvin State Park

Summertime record-breaking temperatures are hitting Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and everyone is looking for ways to stay cool. Swimming at Parvin State Park, with its beautiful Parvin Lake and water activities, is the perfect solution.

Swimming Safety and Regulations

Your safety is our top priority at Parvin State Park. Lifeguards are on duty from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Wednesday through Sunday in the summer. They make sure everyone follows safety rules for a safe swim.

Amenities for an Ideal Swim Experience

The park has everything you need for a great swim day. There are changing rooms, restrooms, and showers. A concession stand offers snacks and drinks. And it’s all for a $2 entrance fee for NJ residents and non-residents alike.

“The swimming area at Parvin State Park is great for families, with lifeguards ensuring a safe environment. It’s the perfect place to cool off during this intense heatwave,” notes a regular park visitor.

*Please note that lifeguard availability may change, so it’s recommended to verify swim times before your visit.

Parvin State Park is different from crowded beaches that need beach tags. It offers natural beauty, affordability, and it’s great for families. You can swim in the clean Parvin Lake or enjoy a day of outdoor fun. It’s an unforgettable summer spot for all.

Parvin State Park Hours and Best Times to Visit

Are you excited about a hike, kayaking, or a campfire? Knowing the Parvin State Park hours makes it better. The park is open all year, from sunrise to sunset. This guide will help you discover the best times to visit Parvin State Park.

Planning Your Day Around Park Activities

Planning your visit requires some thought. Come in the morning for a quiet fishing day or an exciting hike. Midday is perfect for kayaking or boating. Birdwatchers should visit early or late to see the birds.

Seasonal Considerations for Parvin State Park Visitors

Each season at Parvin State Park has something special. Winter lets you see wildlife in a snowy setting. Spring means bird walks and new flowers. In summer, the park is alive, great for swimming. Fall shows off beautiful foliage, ideal for photos or picnics.

Spring-SummerFishing & BoatingLakes restocked, permits required for boats
SummerSwimmingLife-guarded beach open from Memorial Day to Labor Day
FallHiking & Bird WatchingWitness the autumnal foliage and migration
WinterWildlife SpottingQuiet season, higher chance of animal sightings

Remember the pet policy at the park: dogs must be on a leash. Hunting is allowed in some areas, following New Jersey laws. Be respectful and only hunt in permitted zones. In summer, enjoy life-guarded swimming.

For overnight stays, check the Parvin State Park hours. You can camp in a tent, RV, or cabin. Fees and rules make sure everyone enjoys their stay.

No alcohol is allowed in the park. But, there’s plenty to do and see. Enjoy mornings with birds or evenings by the lake. Parvin State Park is one of the top NJspots, full of history and beautiful nature.

Unwind with Parvin State Park’s Picnic Areas and Facilities

Find peace at Parvin State Park NJ. Its inviting picnic areas are perfect for relaxation and nature connection. The park is dedicated to staying clean and green. This ensures your time outdoors also helps keep the environment beautiful. So, call your loved ones for an outdoor meal amidst nature’s beauty—a chance to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

On June 3rd, (2024) Parvin State Park was more than a beautiful picnic spot. It became a vibrant activity center for National Trails Day. People joined for a 5K run/walk, loving the outdoor life together. The energy of community and nature celebration filled the air. Picnic areas turned into places for both rest and fun.

This effort is not just for fun; it’s to protect the land that gives us happiness. When you set up your picnic, remember only to leave footprints behind. The picnic areas are beautiful, but they also need our care and respect. In return for the calm and beauty Parvin State Park NJ provides, we keep it clean. This mutual respect lets everyone enjoy the park’s wonders.

Parvin State Park Map and Navigating Your Adventure

Exploring Parvin State Park is exciting with a detailed map. The Parvin State Park map is essential for finding your way and discovering many hidden gems. It helps whether you’re hiking, kayaking on Cheesequake Creek, or camping. The map guides you to the best spots for an unforgettable adventure.

Parvin State Park Map

Pet Policy and Keeping the Park Green

At Parvin State Park  you and your pets can explore nature’s beauty. We offer pet-friendly camping and work hard to keep the park green. It’s thanks to responsible visitors like you.

Rules for Your Furry Friends

Our pet policy ensures peace for everyone. To protect your pets and others, please follow these rules:

  • An additional charge of $5.00 per night for pet-friendly campsites.
  • You can bring up to two pets with your camping permit.
  • Pets need up-to-date rabies shots, with proof required at check-in.
  • Caged pets such as birds or reptiles are okay in recreational vehicles.
  • Pets can’t go into park buildings, swimming areas, or certain campsites.
  • Keep your pets on a leash shorter than six feet and in control.
  • Quiet hours in the campground are from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.
  • It’s your job to clean up pet waste quickly and properly.
  • Don’t leave pet food out to avoid attracting wildlife.
  • Ignoring these rules could mean you lose your permit and must leave.

Dogs can join you on some trails if they’re leashed. This keeps the trails calm and safe for all.

Environmental Stewardship and Visitor Responsibilities

Parvin State Park is a treasure in New Jersey’s park system. We’re dedicated to its care. Your support in keeping the park good for everyone is crucial:

  1. Access to the park is free, helping us keep our environmental goals.
  2. Entrance fees during the busy season help with park upkeep.
  3. You can enjoy our amenities, like canoe rentals, during supervised hours.
  4. The park has 15 miles of trails for all skill levels.
  5. Activities like sledding or snowmobiling aren’t allowed to protect the scenery.
  6. Learning and teaching others to respect the park’s wildlife is vital.

Lifeguards are present at swimming spots in the busy season. Swimming is only allowed then. Follow all signs and rules to stay safe.

We keep some campsites open in winter for the more daring campers.

At Parvin State Park, your effort to keep the place great is valued. Help spread the word. Together, we can make the park a haven for everyone and their pets!

Maximize Your Experience at Parvin State Park

Setting off on an adventure to Parvin State Park offers lots of natural beauty and various activities. If you love fishing, you’ll get excited about the Parvin State Park fishing spots. For those who enjoy hiking, the Parvin State Park trails are perfect.

Looking for a peaceful kayaking trip? Or maybe a quiet boat ride on the park’s calm waters? Either way, you’re in for a treat with the beautiful nature all around.

Parvin State Park camping gives you lots of choices, from cabins that blend comfort with the wild to tent sites that bring you closer to earth. From cozy cabin stays to camping under the stars, you’ll find great spots to stay without breaking the bank. No matter what you choose, you’re sure to create lasting memories each night.

Understanding the park’s rules is key to a full experience. Being kind to nature and following the pet rules means everyone can enjoy the park. Remember, keeping it safe and pleasant for all means sticking to the swimming and no-hunting rules. This helps keep Parvin State Park clean and beautiful for everyone. Whether you’re there for a day or more, your time at Parvin State Park will be unforgettable.


What activities can I enjoy at Parvin State Park?

You can try many fun activities like camping, hiking, fishing, and swimming. The park also has beautiful trails for walking, cabin rentals, and water sports like canoeing and kayaking. Plus, there are perfect spots for picnics.

Are there cabin rentals available at Parvin State Park?

Yes, you can rent cozy cabins at Parvin State Park. They offer a snug and natural setting for guests. These cabins are perfect for those wanting to enjoy the outdoors in comfort.

What are the trails like at Parvin State Park?

The trails at Parvin State Park are great for all hikers, no matter their experience. You can take an easy stroll or challenge yourself with tougher paths. Scenic routes throughout let you see the park’s varied landscapes.

What are the best trails for scenic views in Parvin State Park?

Many trails give beautiful views, but some are special. For the best scenic vistas, check the park map or ask staff. They can point you to the most picturesque spots.

Can I bring my pet to Parvin State Park?

Yes, pets are allowed but they must be on a leash and under control. Pet owners must clean up after their pets. This keeps the park tidy and fun for everyone.

Are there any swimming regulations at Parvin State Park?

Swimming is only allowed in areas with lifeguards from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Always listen to the lifeguards and follow the rules to ensure a safe swim.

What amenities are available for campers at Parvin State Park?

Campers have access to RV sites, drinkable water, and toilets. There’s a camping fee that helps keep the park beautiful and well-maintained.  A dump station is located on the south side of Parvin Lake.

Is fishing allowed at Parvin State Park?

Yes, freshwater fishing is a popular pastime here. Just make sure to follow the park’s rules and have a fishing license if needed.

What should I know about kayaking and boating in the park?

You can rent canoes  for exploring the park’s waters. There are also places for boating, kayaking and paddle boarding.    There is a boat lauch available for a small fee.

What are the park’s hours of operation?

Open 8:00 a.m. to 4 p.m. except for camping and swimming season at which time the office hours will expand. Please call for hours.   You can reach the park office at 1-856-358-8616

Can I picnic in the park?

Definitely! Enjoy a meal in nature at one of the park’s picnic areas. Just remember to clean up afterward as part of the park’s effort to stay clean and green.

How do I navigate through Parvin State Park?

Having a map is key to finding your way around Parvin State Park. Use the map to plan your trip and discover all the park’s special places and offerings.  You can Parvin State Park Map PDF from

What is the environmental stewardship policy at the park?

The park encourages visitors to take care of nature. Visitors should follow trash management rules, respect smoking and alcohol policies, and appreciate the park’s natural and historical value.  Remember, whatever you bring into the park, be prepared to take it back out with you. Think of it as a collective effort to manage trash! Remember to bring along a couple of bags for trash, recycling, and cleaning up after your furry friends. Please note that there are no trash receptacles within the park. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

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