Sussex County

Obelisk on hill with trees

Photography Scavenger Hunt:
Sussex County

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Get Your Camera Ready for Our New Jersey Scavenger Hunt!

Want a little adventure? We’ve created a scavenger hunt for every county in New Jersey. You can see them all here.

So grab your camera, download the map below, and head our to get some new photos and explore some new places!

We realize that your favorite photo spot might not be on the list, and that’s ok! These maps and lists are designed to get you to some new spots you might not have explored in the Garden State. 

Once you’ve crossed all the spots off the list, let us know and we’ll send you a sticker!

High Point State Park

If you haven’t checked out the northern-most (and highest-elevation!) park, now is the time!

You can check out the monument to take photos from all directions, or hike throughout the park. Checkout our guide for the best suggestions.

See all our hiking suggestions on this map.

Pochuck Boardwalk/Stairway to Heaven Trail (Appalachian Trail)

Yes, you’ve probably seen the amazing photos of the boardwalk on the Appalachian Trail. So this is your sign to go take the pictures you’ve always wanted to take here!

Our guide has all the information you need. Get your hiking gear and get out there!

Sussex County Sunflower Maze

Sussex County: New Jersey Photographer Scavenger Hunt, Sussex County
Photo by Abbey Dufoe

Farms are some of the best places to take photos in New Jersey, because of the range available to you — from vast landscapes of the flower fields, to macro photos of bees! And the Sussex County sunflower maze has all of these opportunities and more.

Sunrise Mountain Overlook

Outward view from under stone structure to pants and lake
Sunrise Mountain. Photo credit: Anna Pittas

Want more views from the Appalachian trail AND a sunrise overlook? Check out Sunrise Mountain Overlook in Stokes State Forest at 1,650. The climb is worth the view (and the Instagram likes!).

For more state forests, check out our map

Stony Brook Falls

Nestled in the Stokes State Forest this is a unique spot. Hike the Silver Mine loop (4.2 miles) for a set of two different waterfalls. 

For more waterfalls, check out our map.

Milford-Montague Toll Bridge

This bridge is a great spot to see the crossing from NJ to PA or vice versa. With a vast view up and down river this is a great spot to watch local wildlife, including Bald Eagles along the river.

For more bridge spots, check out our map.

This is from a series “Photography Scavenger Hunt.” Contact editor Abbey Dufoe if you have suggestions for spots to add!

NJspots is a growing community. By sharing you can help.

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