Atlantic County

Ferris wheel on pier

Photography Scavenger Hunt:
Atlantic County

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Get Your Camera Ready for Our New Jersey Scavenger Hunt!

Want a little adventure? We’ve created a scavenger hunt for every county in New Jersey. You can see them all here.

So grab your camera, download the map below, and head our to get some new photos and explore some new places!

We realize that your favorite photo spot might not be on the list, and that’s ok! These maps and lists are designed to get you to some new spots you might not have explored in the Garden State.

Once you’ve crossed all the spots off the list, let us know and we’ll send you a sticker!

Atlantic City Boardwalk

This iconic spot is perfect for photos! Get a telephoto shot down the boardwalk or go more natural and shoot the dunes — you really can’t go wrong.

Steel Pier

You also can’t go wrong with the colorful ferris wheel or any of the rides on the pier. Try getting the reflection of ferris wheel from the beach!

Lucy the Elephant

A Margate icon! Need we say more?

Absecon Lighthouse

This lighthouse is the perfect palate cleanser after a night of gambling.

Want more lighthouses? Check out out map!

McKeetown Fire Tower

Try getting a unique shot of this 100 foot tower in Atlantic County. There aren’t many good ones on Instagram!

Ruins of the Bethlehem Loading Company

Venture to Atlantic County park to explore these ruins.

This is from a series “Photography Scavenger Hunt.” Contact editor Abbey Dufoe if you have suggestions for spots to add!

NJspots is a growing community. By sharing you can help.

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