Discover Miquin Woods in Hunterdon County

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The pandemic has brought a lot more people outside and onto the trails. With that in mind, my hiking partner, and I have sought out the roads less traveled. We did this to find that certain solitude the woods provide so well. We discovered Miquin Woods Preserve, a little jewel in the Hunterdon County Park System.

Miquin Woods originated as a Boy Scout Camp in 1928. In 2003 the land officially was designated­­ a county park. The Boy Scouts built several structures for the camp that sits on the 302-acre property, which also houses an 1850s stone farmhouse. The name “miquin” means feather in the language of the Lenni Lenape, a tribute to the heritage of this diverse park.

We began our hike at the trailhead and followed the red trail through the woods. We first arrived at the remnants of the Boy Scout camp, a small structure of wood and stone. Continuing along the path, we crossed a creek that is a tributary to the Spruce Run Reservoir. Once across the creek we came upon the old stone farmhouse. This gorgeous structure is certainly worth the trip.

miquin woods hike, Discover Miquin Woods in Hunterdon County

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Continuing along the trail we came to a large lily covered pond featuring an active beaver dam. Although, we weren’t lucky enough to see the residents, evidence of their work was everywhere in the freshly downed tree stumps. The lily pond that houses the lodge would make Monet proud.

miquin woods hike, Discover Miquin Woods in Hunterdon County

The highlight of our hike was encountering a young black vulture in the tall grasses around the pond. The stone farmhouse was probably where his family roosts. He was kind enough to pose for me before we headed back on the trail.

miquin woods hike, Discover Miquin Woods in Hunterdon County

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You can practice mushroom photography here as well — yes, you heard that right! Miquin Woods is wet enough house several varieties, from turkey tail to chicken of the woods. Many species were in abundance on our 3-mile loop. If you’re looking for a place to get away from people and get into nature, Miquin Woods will not disappoint.

miquin woods hike, Discover Miquin Woods in Hunterdon County

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miquin woods hike, Discover Miquin Woods in Hunterdon County

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