6 Best Spots For Rainy Days in New Jersey

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rainy days in New Jersey

Rainy day got you down? Not to worry! NJspots has you covered with some of the best places that are worth visiting around New Jersey during those rainy or overcast days. Whether it’s spring showers, summer thunderstorms, or storm season, we have some spots you’ll still want to visit. Before you start exploring during the rain, make sure to have a few items on hand to be prepared during the day.

What To Bring In Rainy Weather:

  • Raincoat/poncho
  • Change of clothes
  • Towel
  • Rain cover for your camera
  • Proper footwear/rain boots
  • Umbrella (or umbrella hat for hands-free fun!)

Now that you are prepared, here are some of our favorite spots around New Jersey to visit on those rainy days!

Mt. Tammany – Delaware Water Gap


Skip the crowded trails and the abundance of summit selfies by scaling the Delaware Water Gap during a light rainy day or overcast day. If it is raining, we suggest making sure you have the proper footwear and even consider having a hiking pole to assist you. Climbing to the top of the Mount Tammany summit on a cloudy day can have a really eerie feel to it and also you can feel above the clouds.

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George Washington Bridge — Fort Lee

This most-traveled bridge in North America is great any time of day and weather, but there is something so tranquil seeing it on an overcast or rainy day. The grey color and massive presence of the George Washington Bridge crossing the Hudson River from Fort Lee is easily accessible during the rainy day on the weekends. It’s a perfect spot to also explore the rest of the Palisade Cliffs. If this bridge is a bit too far for you, you can also check our NJspots Bridges Map for other bridges to visit on rainy days.

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Seaside Heights — Jersey Shore


When storms start rolling in, that means the waves get mean and the shore becomes a center display of the power of nature. If you are near the shore, Seaside Heights a great location to catch some crazy waves to capture and even some crazy surfers hitting the storm surges. Also, the boardwalk attractions and chairlift add some fun colored subjects to focus on. Be sure to be careful when going to the beach on stormy days and pay attention to local flood and storm warnings.

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Princeton University

This college campus is plagued with inspiring architecture, but throw in some overcast or rainy skies, you can see a completely different tone in this spot. During the school year, you can capture some opportunities of great reflective puddles or lone-umbrella bearing students crossing campus. There are many different historic buildings and spots you can visit in this area — and it’s a great spot to explore in the rain.

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Barnegat Lighthouse (or Any Lighthouse in New Jersey)

We have plenty of lighthouses to visit throughout New Jersey, but something about that crimson red of Ol’ Barney really stands out against a grey sky. Barnegat Lighthouse is typically crowded during the sunny summer days, but if you happen to visit on a rainy day, you may have the whole place to yourself. Discover the great silhouette and colors of the tall lighthouse against a cloudy sky.

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Grounds for Sculpture — Hamilton, NJ

Suggested by Instagram user @fotophanatic2017, this is a great place to walk through massive sculptures and life-like statues among beautiful gardens. Be sure to check out our guide on Grounds for Sculpture in New Jersey.

Whether you are a photographer in New Jersey or you are looking to beat some of the crowds at these popular places, these are great spots to visit on rainy and overcast days. Be sure to share your photos from your visit by tagging #NJspots on Instagram.

Did we miss some of your favorite spots to visit in the rain? Tell us below or contact us with your suggestion.

*Huge thanks to Debb for providing her great shot of Princeton for the featured photo.

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