Exploring Palisades Park from Above and Below

Palisades Interstate Park — which stretches from Fort Lee to Alpine — has it all. You can hike all day up by the New Jersey-New York state line, or enjoy a casual stroll through a picnic area down by the Hudson River in the afternoon. Pack up your car or your backpack and head up to this versatile park to see what North Jersey has to offer all year round.

So grab a map, pick your adventure, and head out to the Palisades!


From Up Above

From high up in the State Line Lookout Parking Area, you can head out on a few hiking trails of different magnitudes, including the Long Path, the Shore Trail, the B Trail, and the Blue and White Trail. All 25 miles of trails are maintained by our partners at the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference.

If you want to hang out on top of the world (ok, on top of New Jersey), enjoy the view of the cliffs from the State Line Lookout or Rockefeller Lookout.


But if you want to take a hike, grab a trail map and strap on your hiking shoes! One of my personal favorite hikes is the Shore Trail Hike to Peanut Leap Cascade. Trek down a few miles along cliff-sides and over a stream or two to this gushing on along the Hudson River. Make sure you have enough water for the trek back up!


If you’re feeling adventurous, continue along the hike to the Giant Stairs and scramble along — you guessed it — giant boulders. Be careful with this hike in the winter — the ice will be slippery!


No matter where you hike in Palisades Park, be sure to look up! The steep rock faces here have been nicknamed the “Grand Canyon of New Jersey.”

From Down Below

If picnicking and photos are more your thing, Palisades Park has that too! Drive on down to the Englewood Picnic Area or Ross Dock Picnic Area to grill or take pictures of the picturesque George Washington Bridge along the Hudson River.

You can also park in the Fort Lee Historic Park parking area to get a unique view of the GW Bridge and walk around a few paths here as well. We even had an NJspots meet up here before!

See our maps for more waterfall spots and hikes. Have you hiked the Palisades before? Let us know in the comments!

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