Full Moon Captured Over Great Beds Lighthouse – Sayreville, NJ

A local photographer recently lined up the perfect shot for a full moon – Hardik Bhavsar (on Instagram) did his homework when planning this shot.

The Full Moon was rising directly behind the Great Beds Lighthouse – a shoal lighthouse, more on that later. The shot shows the vibrant pink of the rising moon, and the smooth water in the foreground was created with a long exposure.

History of Great Beds Lighthouse

Built-in 1878, to help share where the border between New York and New Jersey was in the waters near Staten Island, the Great Beds Lighthouse has a rich history from its name to the drama surrounding its building of it.

Part of the construction was to prevent the gathering of oysters between May and September.

Located in Raritan Bay, the Great Beds Lighthouse is named for the surplus amount of oyster beds that it is located on. Visit the Lighthouse Friends website for the full story behind this lighthouse.

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Where are other lighthouses in New Jersey?

New Jersey is home to some of the most impressive lighthouses in the US. The coastline of New Jersey is filled with these iconic structures, including Absecon Lighthouse in Atlantic City, Barnegat Light on Long Beach Island, East Point Lighthouse in Maurice River Township, Cape May Lighthouse at Cape May Point State Park, Finns Point Rear Range Light near Pennsville, Hereford Inlet Lighthouse near North Wildwood and Sandy Hook Lighthouse at Gateway National Recreation Area.

These lighthouses are picturesque and of great historical value, in addition to being crucial for sailors’ safe navigation along the shore of New Jersey. There are plenty of places to catch glimpses of these great lighthouses throughout the state. Many towns offer organized tours so visitors can learn more about their history and marvel at them up close. Whether you’re a lifelong New Jerseyan or just visiting for a day or two, take the time to explore some of New Jersey’s lighthouses and appreciate their beauty!


What is a Shoal Lighthouse?

A shoal lighthouse is a type of navigational structure used to mark a shallow area’s location in a body of water. Typically, the lighthouses are tall towers made from metal or concrete, with bright lights at the top that can be seen for miles away. The purpose of these lighthouses is to warn passing vessels that there is a shallow area ahead, which helps them avoid running aground on submerged rocks or other hazards.

Shoal lighthouses can also be used as navigation markers, helping sailors identify their exact location while they travel along the coastline. These structures are often located near ports and harbors, providing an extra layer of safety for ships entering these areas. They are also important landmarks for coastal communities, serving as symbols of protection and guidance in times of peril.

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