A Stroll Through Neshanic Station

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Central Jersey does exist — and it’s full of history. Explore this small town and see for yourself.

Neshanic Station is an unincorporated community in New Jersey sitting on the banks of the South Branch Raritan River. It may be small, but the history is immense. In fact, much of the town is listed on the National Register of Historic Places in New Jersey!

Photo by Danita Delmont

The town is home to an old railroad bridge (now obsolete) that housed the Central Railroad of New Jersey that once went all the way to New York City.

This is one of my favorite places to unwind, as the sounds of the river is quite calming. We think this is quite fitting because Neshanic actually comes from Algonquian language meaning “double stream”.

If you want a place surrounded by nature to stroll through, add Neshanic Station to your list! The old architecture on its main street has a visual story to tell, showcasing that a once bustling town, is now turned a beautiful residential area. After walking through town, take a hike through Sourland Mountain Preserve or Duke Farms to round out your day outside!.

I grew up in this town and some of my friends who live 10 minutes away have never even driven through Neshanic Station.

Though hidden, it is not forgotten.

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