Branding Workshop Wrap-Up!

Video & Editing by Erick Roman

It was a bitterly cold week in New Jersey leading up to the first-ever NJspots workshop, but that didn’t stop the hot topics and ideas from flowing at the Work Home space in Millburn, NJ on Saturday, February 2nd.

Joined by some of our passionate community members, Founder Virginia and Editor Abbey were pleased to host our first workshop teaching about the importance of branding and online presence for creators like photographers and entrepreneurs in New Jersey.

What Is an NJspots Workshop?

To start the day, Virginia and Abbey presented how branding is and should be perceived, as well as providing some insight on how NJspots brands itself and some helpful tools. The attendees found themselves instantly engaged and excited about how they execute these newly found tools and techniques into their own business and creative goals.

After a short break, the workshop broke down into two focus groups to discuss other challenges and offer solutions for new ideas for creating a brand. After a great 2-hour session, all our attendees were asking for more. The biggest request and complaint was that there wasn’t enough time, which is GREAT to know for next time. Everyone was hungry for more!

“The NJspots Team was excited to host and bring our first-ever workshop to the community. Talking about branding and online presence, our attendees were left wanting more.”

I want to go…

We will be hosting more workshops in the near future on various topics like camera basics, portrait photography, night photography, and more. Stay tuned by checking our event calendar and signing up for our newsletters.

Hear what some attendees had to say:

It felt refreshing to be around other local creators. It was the motivation I needed to create a plan for myself to continue to build my photography business. – Janel A.

It was an eye opening experience seeing how some of my problems were also problems for those in the same space. NJSpots provided the opportunity for me to discuss these challenges with leaders and peers facing the same struggles. – Erick R.

Thoroughly enjoyed the format breaking into groups to discuss our individual challenges and helping each other find ways around them was a real help for me! Very friendly and supportive group! Thank you Virginia and Abbey for putting this together! – Jennifer M.

Amazing workshop! A really informative experience for growth. Having the ability to exchange ideas made our interactions worth while. Can’t wait for future events! – Kenny C.

The workshop was truly very informative and inspiring – far exceeded my expectations for what I’d hoped to learn. We enjoyed a wonderfully collaborative atmosphere. Absolutely looking forward to more events by this dynamic duo. Thank you! – Barbara T.

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