Choosing The Best Yaktrax & Microspikes for Winter Hiking

How To Choose Traction Cleats for Hiking In The Winter

But First, Why Do You Need Microspikes for Winter Hikes

Traction cleats for hiking in the winter can provide much-needed stability and support on snow and ice. These cleats are designed to fit over the soles of your regular shoes or boots, giving you added grip when walking on slippery surfaces.

They feature metal spikes that dig into the ground, allowing you to stay upright even when the terrain is treacherous. This is especially useful if you’re planning a longer trek in cold weather, as it will help you keep your footing and avoid any potential accidents.

Traction cleats are lightweight, easy to put on and take off, and give you more peace of mind while out in the wild during colder months.

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What Are Yaktrax?

Yaktrax is a branded traction device attached to the bottom of shoes or boots. They are made of steel coils or spikes wrapped around rubber frames that provide excellent grip and stability on snow or ice. Typically, Yaktrax is the most common brand for winter walking and hiking. They lead the industry with a grip in icy and snowy conditions.

The steel coils stretch around the sole of your shoe and provide extra traction for any boot or shoe you’re wearing. They are really easy to stretch and wrap around your shoe!

How do I choose Yaktrax?

When choosing the right Yaktrax, you must consider what kind of surface you will be walking on. Also, thinking about the length of your outdoor activities can play a part, as you may find some heavy-duty Yaktrax more uncomfortable for long periods.

Choosing The Right Microspikes For Winter Traction

The most important thing is to choose a product that fits your needs and environment considering factors such as terrain type, temperature range, and frequency of use. With the right pair of microspikes, you’ll be ready to take on just about any surface with confidence!

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Best Traction Device for Snow

The best foot traction device for snow is the Yaktrax Pro. It combines steel coils and rubber to provide maximum grip and stability on icy surfaces. It’s designed to fit comfortably over any shoe, so you don’t have to worry about your feet slipping or sliding around in the snow.

Yaktrax Summit Heavy Duty
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The coils dig into the ice for superior traction, while the heavy-duty rubber sole gives added stability and protection from rugged terrain. The adjustable heel strap ensures that it stays in place so you can focus on navigating through the snow instead of worrying about falling. The Yaktrax Pro also has a limited lifetime warranty, so you know it’ll last for years.

Best Traction Device for Icy Surfaces

Other kinds of microspikes are available, depending on the intended use. Crampons are commonly used for an outdoor enthusiast looking to get a grip on icy surfaces, as they provide more traction than standard steel spikes.

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Crampons are metal points or spikes connected to a frame secured to the bottom of a persons boots. With their heavy-duty design, crampons are typically used for mountaineering, ice climbing, glacier walking, and hiking on icy terrain.

Yaktrax Great For Ice
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Best Traction Device for Rocky or Dirt Terrain

Microspikes made of carbon or titanium offer superior grip and durability for those who need to traverse rocky or dirt terrain. They can be used in place of crampons or heavier-duty traction devices for snow and ice climbing. They also come in various sizes and shapes so that you can find the perfect fit for your feet. We suggest checking out the Diamond Grip Yaktrax, because of the large spikes that will solidify your feet on the rocky terrain.

Yaktrax Diamond Grip for Rocky Surfaces
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Best Traction Device for Wet or Muddy Terrain

Additionally, some manufacturers offer rubber-coated microspikes that make them ideal for use in wet or muddy conditions. They don’t have the dangerous metal spikes attached, but they help grip better beyond your boot treads. Their light weight also allows your feet to move through the mud easier. These Yaktrax are great option for wet and muddy conditions while hiking.

Yaktrax for Muddy & Wet Surfaces
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These rubber-coated microspikes provide extra traction, preventing slips and falls on slick surfaces. They are also lighter and more comfortable than traditional crampons and great for hikes involving a lot of mud or snow.

Best Overall Yaktrax for Winter Activities

NJspots Founder Virginia traveled to Iceland and had read a tip to buy Yaktrax before her trip. She would be hiking for the snowy and icy surfaces and the rocky surfaces like lava fields. Her choice was the Yaktrax Pro model for overall performance.

While in Iceland, she hiked a 2.5-mile roundtrip to a local waterfall during the cold winter months. With the better traction performance, she passed people the entire hike as they struggled with their grip.

Yaktrax Walk Traction Cleats for Walking on Snow and Ice
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The patented Skid Lock Coils are made from abrasion-resistant 1.4mm steel and are fitted securely into the natural rubber body of the unit to provide superior traction while still allowing you to walk naturally on ice and snow.

The Yaktrax Pro is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable way to stay safe while navigating icy terrain during winter.

Bonus: Yaktrax Is A Great For Black Ice

Yaktrax is a great option for combating black ice during the winter months. They are designed to provide superior traction and stability on icy surfaces and feature a lightweight design that won’t weigh down your feet or slow you down.

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