My Review: Stability & Security with Altra Olympus 5 Hiking Boots

I typically only share products I have tested in the field and am passionate about. The Altra Olympus 5 Hiking boot doesn’t fall short of being one of my favorites.

I severely sprained my ankle three days before a hiking trip to the Grand Canyon. This was the worst sprain I’ve ever had as a previous college athlete. Bruising all around my foot and a swollen joint immediately.

Luckily, I bought these boots the week before and was anxious to try them before the unfortunate injury happened.

With the injury putting the hike in the Grand Canyon in question, I still packed my boots. I hoped the injury could heal enough to use the new boots in the National Park.

I’m a huge Altra Shoes Fan.

This was my 10th pair of Altras and 2nd hiking boots from the same company. I previously had the Lone Peak but felt that it wasn’t exceptionally cushioned on the bottom as I had hoped – especially hiking the rocky trails of New Jersey.

So when I saw the Olympus 5 Hike shoes had a boost in cushioning under the footbed, this was a win-win for me – because I was already a massive fan of the large toe box Altra shoes offer.

If you’re unfamiliar, Altra shoes are known for their trail runners and road running shoes, but they specialize in the wide toe box to allow your toes to spread out naturally and prevent scrunching while moving.

This feature is one of my main reasons for returning to these shoes as my go-to running shoes and my new regular hiking boots.

Pros of the Altra Olympus 5 Hike Shoes

  • Wide Toe Box – allows natural toe position
  • Lightweight – compared to other bulky and heavy boots
  • Goretex Waterproofing – great to keep your feet dry regardless of the trail you blaze
  • Vibram Soles – these unique soles allow for a better grip on all surfaces

Cons of the Altra Olympus 5 Hiking Shoes

  • Gortex – wait, you may be thinking that was a “pro” too. Yes, but the Goretex typically keeps your feet warmer than boots without. Good to keep in mind if you don’t need the waterproofing.
ALTRA Women's Olympus 5 Hiking Boot
  • Wide Toe Box
  • Lightweight
  • Goretex Waterproofing
  • Vibram Soles
  • Goretex - can make your feet warm
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07/20/2024 04:45 pm GMT

So, how did the ankle fair?

I took about 6 days to recover the ankle with icing and light therapy. I was hoping that the day we planned to hike into the Grand Canyon, my ankle would feel well enough to go slow with the assistance of my hiking poles.

My ankle felt good the morning of the hike, and I supported it by utilizing KT Tape for support. Once I slipped on the Altra Olympus 5 Hiking Boots, I felt more confident and secure with my sprained ankle.

What hike did you use it on?

The hike plan was to start at the South Kaibab trail at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and hike down 1,100 feet into the canyon to Cedar Ridge.

The way down would be 1.5 miles, but the way back up with a big ascent made me a bit weary about my ankle.

Gearing up with my hiking poles and embarking on the hike on a fair weather day, I was confident with my setup, knowing these boots felt stable below and around my injured ankle.

I quickly reached the 1.5-mile mark with my new boots and took a break to enjoy the view from Cedar Ridge in the Grand Canyon.

Altra Olympus 5 Hiking Boots, My Review: Stability & Security with Altra Olympus 5 Hiking Boots

I took a 20-minute break and geared up for the big 1,100-foot ascent back up to the canyon’s rim. I started slowly and wanted to understand how my ankle would react. It felt good. My boots felt stable.

As I made my way back up, I started to pick up the pace and felt strong. I landed up, making it up the 1,100-foot ascension in less than one hour. My ankle felt tired, but it didn’t hurt.

Credit to my boots, rehab

Knowing this was a huge trip, I didn’t want to miss the chance to hike down into the canyon. I was aggressively icing, stretching, and rehabbing my ankle for the 6 days leading up to the hike.

Ultimately, I’m confident that without the Altra Olympus 5 Hiking Boots, I wouldn’t have been able to complete this hike, let alone triumph with a solid ascension.

Returning to New Jersey after this trip, I’m confident with my new hiking boot selection, knowing I will continue healing my ankle with my reliable Altras.

Next up? Maybe Mount Tammany.

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