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Hudson County: NJspots Scavenger Hunt

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  • Post published:08/04/2020
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Photography Scavenger Hunt:
Hudson County

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Get Your Camera Ready for Our New Jersey Scavenger Hunt!

Want a little adventure? We’ve created a scavenger hunt for every county in New Jersey. You can see them all here.

So grab your camera, download the map below, and head our to get some new photos and explore some new places!

We realize that your favorite photo spot might not be on the list, and that’s ok! These maps and lists are designed to get you to some new spots you might not have explored in the Garden State.

Once you’ve crossed all the spots off the list, let us know and we’ll send you a sticker!

Statue of Liberty from Liberty State Park

A popular spot, but a good one! Get your tripod ready and head out to shoot the Statue of Liberty. And remember — she stands in New Jersey waters!

Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal

While you’re there, check out the Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal. Good for B&W shots or color, this historic place should be on your list.

Empty Sky Memorial

Round out your visit to Liberty State Park with the Empty Sky Memorial. Try to go at off-peak times to get the shot with no people. 

Hamilton Park

The Colgate Clock

Another unique vantage point, check out this spot at sunrise to get amazing shots of the Jersey City skyline OR NYC skyline. We even had a meetup here!

Ellis Island Hospital Morgue

Take the cruise out to Ellis Island for shots like this. Need we say more?

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Exchange Place Jersey City

Walk by the water at Exchange Place and see what one-of-a-kind photos you can get in this time of quarantine.

Newark Ave in Jersey City

Jersey City has some of the best spots for street photography, so head out here at night or at dusk and try out your hand.

Richard A. Rutkowski Park/Stephen R. Gregg Park

These riverside parks in Bayonne give you a look at some bridges AND a nature work, which present a new look at Hudson County.

For more bridge spots, check out our maps.

Lincoln Park Fountains

Cover photo by Patron Chris Woodard. Follow him on Instagram.

This is from a series “Photography Scavenger Hunt.” Contact editor Abbey Dufoe if you have suggestions for spots to add!

NJspots is a growing community. By sharing you can help.

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