Explore These Haunted Spots this Halloween

Log framed porches in autumn forest
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We recently came across this haunted sites of New Jersey list on Reddit and thought we’d lay out some of our favorites, just in time for Halloween.

Are these sites haunted? Some say you have to be there in person to experience it for yourself.


Ringwood Manor (Ringwood)

Haunted? Yes. Check out this NYTimes ghost story from the 80’s, or go on a haunted tour in present time.

Photo Credit: Ringwood Manor

Schooley’s Mountain (Long Valley)

Haunted? Probably not. But makes for a good spooky hike if the fog is just right. Check out our guide if you want to go hiking.

Stanhope House (Stanhope)

Haunted? Yes — if the Stanhope House Ghost rumors are true. Go and find out for yourself!

Devil’s Tower (Alpine)

Haunted? Yes — Don’t walk or drive backwards around this tower, legends warn. If you do, you may come face-to-face with a ghost, or even the Jersey Devil.


Great Swamp (Basking Ridge)

Haunted? Probably not. But if you’re quiet at dusk, you will hear some spooky owls!

Check out our guide to Basking Ridge to see what the Great Swamp has to offer.

Deserted Village of Feltville (Berkeley Heights)

Haunted? Probably. The town was abandoned at least twice, and there’s a small cemetery on the grounds you can visit today.

Check out our guide to Watchung Reservation to see everything it has to offer.

Photo Credit: @kochjamie

Union Hotel (Flemington)

Haunted? Yes — there are several ghosts on the property of the permanently closed hotel.

Trenton Psychiatric Hospital (Trenton)

Haunted? Maybe. No doubt some strange things happened here in this abandoned psychiatric hospital, but who knows if it is haunted.


Allaire Village (Wall Township)

Haunted? Yes — there are several ghosts in several buildings on the property.

The Pine Barrens (South Jersey)

Haunted? Definitely. Especially if the Jersey Devil exists. 

Flanders Hotel (Ocean City)

Haunted? Yes — the resident ghost Emily haunts the halls. The tale is she can be seen in the second story window.

The Abbot House (May’s Landing)

Haunted? Yes — this B&B has a resident ghost, too. Unfortunately, this location is permanently closed.

Southern Mansion (Cape May)

Haunted? Probably. The property was visited by ghost hunters last year. Even if it isn’t, you can visit the haunted house this Halloween season.

Batsto Mansion (Hammonton)

Haunted? Yes. This town has been abandoned however, this town’s inhabitants are all ghosts. 

Photo Credit: @darleenstamps

See the full list here. What’s your favorite? What are we missing?

Cover photo by Jamie Koch. Check out her work on Instagram.

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