Visiting Hopatcong State Park in New Jersey

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One of the smaller parks in the state, Hopatcong State Park is a great spot in North Jersey to check out. Here are some of the best areas to check out in the park.

Where is Hopatcong State Park located?

Located in Landing, New Jersey and minutes off Interstate 80, Hopatcong State Park is a great park to visit during the summer – and also all year round.

Are there shops nearby?

Yes, there are several local businesses nearby including, pizza, gas stations, convenience stores, and local pharmacies.

A Summer Day At Hopatcong State Park

Can you picnic and grill at Hopatcong State Park?

With vast lawns and rolling hills, there are plenty of picnic tables for families and friends to gather for summer barbecues.

Be warned, though — the part gets filled very quickly on summer weekends. So be sure to arrive early to get your spot.

What should I bring to Hopatcong State Park?

When visiting with family, we recommend bringing a few options to spend the entire day there:

  • Plenty of water – especially in a canteen
  • Chairs for sitting – there are tables, but they can get crowded
  • A picnic blanket or picnic set is good – once you find your spot
  • Your own food – there is a concessions stand, but it could be costly
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Can you swim at Hopatcong State Park?

This state park is excellent for families with a lakefront beach at the tip of Lake Hopatcong, along with lifeguards. Bring your suit and take a dip!

Lifeguards Must Be On Duty for Swimming

When visiting Hopatcong State Park, there must be lifeguards on duty for people to be allowed to swim in the lake. There is a sign outside of the park entrance that notifies visitors if swimming is allowed on the day of their visit.

This park is one of our summer swimming spots, but we recommend checking the website to see if lifeguards are on duty when planning your visit.

Are there bathrooms at Hopatcong State Park?

Yes, there are bathrooms and changing areas at Hopatcong State Park. But when visiting, make sure you get there early because it can get crowded fast. There are also showers available as well.

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hopatcong state park, Visiting Hopatcong State Park in New Jersey

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Can you boat at Hopatcong State Park?

Lake Hopatcong also has a boat launch area that allows residents to head out into the water for a nice summer day.

There is also a small dam often flowing with some water during the summer months, which is great for photos or relaxing with a book. This is a great photo spot with blue skies and clouds rolling by — perfect for that blue skies capture!

hopatcong state park, Visiting Hopatcong State Park in New Jersey

Everything You Need To Know

When is Hopatcong State Park open?

Hopatcong State Park is open from sunrise to sunset during winter and from 8 am to 8 pm from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Visiting Lake Hopatcong on a Summer Weekend

If you’re planning to visit on the weekend during the summer, be sure to get there as soon as gates open at 8 amThe park does have a capacity level, and once they fill it, the gates will be closed.

Our Founder has spent many years in this area and has witnessed lines of cars waiting to get into the park on a Saturday morning as early as 6 am. So be sure to set that alarm and get in!

Since this park is VERY popular, many people come in and out of the gates daily. If you pack in a picnic, be sure to pack out your trash — Mother Nature (and the State Park staff!) thank you!

Are there entrance fees at Hopatcong State Park?

Yes, there is an entrance fee, so bring cash. In 2022, the state permitted free entrances to all state parks, including Hopatcong State Park. However, the rates are subject to change. Check them on the updated park’s website.

Can you camp at Hopatcong State Park?

No, there is no camping or parking overnight allowed. But if you are looking for camping spots, we can help you with our camping spots in New Jersey map..

No matter the season, take the time to visit Hopatcong State Park. You’ll find something for everyone in the family!

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