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Visiting The Red Mill of Clinton

A very popular spot that is often shared on Instagram is the the Red Mill of Clinton, New Jersey. This iconic spot is a great place for a picture perfect sunset or early morning visit.

This spot — which is actually a museum! — is located in the north west section of the state. Only a few minutes off of interstate 78, Clinton is a great town to visit anytime during the year.

The Red Mill is an especially great spot for photographers to gather for epic sunsets and great time lapse shots. With the short waterfall in the foreground, it’s a great place to also catch fishermen in action.

The bright Red Mill is a great photo-op for all kinds of photographers. While it’s not done very often, night photos are a great option at this spot as well. With some of the local street lights painting light across the scene, you will be able to capture some of the brighter stars in the sky at night.

There is also a bridge that crosses in front of the Red Mill, which provides a different vantage point than most. And some photographers even choose to get IN the water for an even more unique vantage point!

Have you been to the Red Mill? What’s your favorite vantage point? Let us know in the comments.

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