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New Jersey Lighthouse Facts You Need to Know

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August 7 is National Lighthouse Day! 

New Jersey and its enchanting coastlines are a treasure trove of maritime history and panoramic vistas. Lets take a look at some of the most captivating lighthouses this side of the Atlantic and some facts you need to know.  These beacons of light aren’t just navigational aids; they’re storied landmarks, offering a glimpse into New Jersey’s nautical past and present.

Our first stop is the charming Cape May Lighthouse. Nestled at the junction where the Delaware Bay kisses the Atlantic Ocean, this historic structure has been guiding sailors since 1859. Standing at a majestic 157 feet, it’s not just a lighthouse; it’s a journey into history. Climb its 199 steps and be rewarded with a breathtaking view that spans across the Cape May Point State Park. It’s a favorite for visitors, not just for its historical significance, but for the panoramic views that greet you at the summit. Imagine the tales of old, as sailors looked for this very beacon to guide them home.

Next, let’s wander to the illustrious Barnegat Lighthouse on Long Beach Island. Affectionately known as “Old Barney,” this sentinel has been a steadfast guardian since 1859. Its impressive stature, towering at 172 feet, is a sight to behold. Barnegat Lighthouse played a crucial role in navigating the treacherous waters of the New Jersey coast, particularly around the shifting sands of Barnegat Inlet. Picture the countless ships that relied on its steadfast light, a true testament to the lighthouse’s enduring importance.

No lighthouse tour in New Jersey would be complete without visiting the Sandy Hook Lighthouse. This is a beacon steeped in history, being the oldest operating lighthouse in the United States. Built in 1764, it has witnessed revolutions and changes, standing as a symbol of resilience. Its unique octagonal shape sets it apart, making it not just a functional navigational aid, but also a piece of architectural wonder.

Let’s not forget the Twin Lights of Navesink in Highlands. Perched 200 feet above sea level, these twin structures offer a stunning view of the surrounding landscape. Built in 1862, they were the first in the U.S. to use the Fresnel lens, revolutionizing maritime navigation with their efficiency and range. The Twin Lights aren’t just a historical site; they’re a testament to innovation and progress in maritime technology.

These lighthouses aren’t mere structures; they’re vibrant parts of New Jersey’s coastal communities. They attract visitors from all corners of the globe, drawn by their historical allure and scenic beauty. They stand as silent storytellers, each with a unique narrative woven into the fabric of New Jersey’s maritime history.

It’s evident that New Jersey’s lighthouses are more than just beacons for ships. They’re beacons of history, adventure, and discovery. From the heights of Barnegat to the historic grounds of Sandy Hook, each lighthouse is a chapter in New Jersey’s rich nautical story, waiting to be explored.

Help us celebrate New Jersey’s lighthouses with these facts and stats and photos about our favorite New Jersey structures. And explore all of our lighthouses with our map.

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New Jersey Lighthouse Facts You Need to Know, New Jersey Lighthouse Facts You Need to Know

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