Downtown Dreaming in Montclair


Planning a day trip to North Jersey? Find yourself in Montclair, a college town with perfect blends of city and suburban lifestyles.

Shops and boutiques are sprouted all throughout town. You can grab a good read at its old and new book store — walk through 10,000 square feet of new and used books, CDs, records and more at the Montclair Book Center.

Finding a good read!

In Montclair, you can try on clothes that you can’t find at the mall, walk through the roses at Van Vleck House & Gardens, and the Montclair Art Museum. Or you can sip wine and paint like Picasso (at least try to). 

All these activities getting you hungry? You’re in luck because restaurants line up, back to back, all down Bloomfield Avenue, Valley Road and Walnut Park Drive.

Eat everything from Poke bowls to Playa Bowls. Order your ice cream rolled or coned. Enjoy every kind of cuisine you can think of from Colombian, Cuban, Italian and more (if you haven’t tried Cuban Pete’s, what are you waiting for??).


Montclair is outside dining galore! So, unwind and enjoy a savory meal as you watch the people passing walk their dogs (or as the dogs walk them). 

Can’t decide where to eat? Try some of my go-to spots. 

  • Noches de Colombia: Mouth-watering Colombian food with big portions and reasonable prices. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy with family and friends. 
  • Mundo Vegan: Grab some of their amazingly soft and chocolate brownies here. Wether you’re vegan or not they are to die for. 
  • The Corner: Every millennial’s dream brunch spot. With Instagram-worthy decor and food to match, no wonder this place is always busy! 

Don’t just take it from me, explore and see for yourself why this is one of New Jersey’s top downtowns! 

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