The Best Places For Sunrise & Sunset Photos in New Jersey

Sunrises and sunsets put us in awe, but experiencing them over cities, mountains, farmland, and the Atlantic Ocean all in one state? Wow. New Jerseyans have it good!

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When you are a photographer in New Jersey, there is an abundance of places you can travel to set up your camera for some great sunrise and sunset shots. Here are some of our favorites across the Garden State.


Sunset Spot at Chesterfield Park, New Jersey

Remember when we mentioned farmland sunsets? Didn’t we tell you they were special? Here, you can capture the perfect shot of Earth transitioning from day to night. New Jersey may not be referred to as “Big Sky Country” (we can’t have it all), but farmland in Chesterfield Park offers a wide-open viewing experience engulfing you in the vibrancy that comes pretty close. Look ahead and look up. There’s quite a lot to see.


Sunset Spot at Cooper River Park (Pennsauken, New Jersey)

You don’t always need a vantage point to experience a view. The Cooper River flows into the Delaware River romanticizing an already scenic landscape right outside Philadelphia. For the night sky colors to really shine, all you need to do is get the environment right. This is “skyline” defined.


Sunrise and Sunset Spot at Norvin Green State Forest (Ringwood, New Jersey)

How about a sunrise? If you’re an early bird, you may already know the perfect spot to start off your day, but for us night owls, we may need to plan for it a little more. In addition to the views of the vast Jersey wilderness, Norvin Green State Forest in North Jersey will provide you with the rise and the shine!


Sunrise and Sunset Spot at Barnegat Light (Long Beach Island, New Jersey)

Whoever captured this sunset has some serious photography skills (shameless plug). The borough of Barnegat Light is home to the famous Barnegat Lighthouse State Park located on the northern tip of Long Beach Island. Here, the sun rises and sets as far as the eye can see — a reason this made the list. You can get the most out of a sunrise down the shore, where the ocean meets the sun.


Sunset Spot at Delanco, New Jersey

Great photography starts with great inspiration, so go where you feel most alive. Delanco, New Jersey is the perfect setting on the banks of the Delaware River offering a crisp atmosphere of view-ability. If you want to capture a pure sunset with only an exposure of nature, this is the place.

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Next time you are searching for best places to photograph the sunset or sunrise in New Jersey be sure to check some of the favorite places by our community. Also if you have any suggestions or photos you would like to share, be sure to send them to us to add them to this article!

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