Guide on Choosing the Best Camera Lens for Hiking

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Ready to level up your hiking photography? Maybe you read out guide for the best camera for hiking and are ready to find the best lens for an interchangeable camera. You can choose the right focal length and photography style on your hikes when you have various lens options. We will choose our lens similar to how we choose our camera; by photography preference, weight & space, and your budget. We have chosen the best lenses for all three major camera brands below.

How Much Weight Can You Carry? And How Much Space Do You Have?

Additionally, consider how much weight and space your lens will take up in your bag while hiking. If weight and size are an issue, look into lightweight lenses that still offer quality images.

What Is Your Budget For Your Hiking Camera Lens?

Finally, consider the price range that fits your budget when selecting a lens; there are lenses for all budgets, from basic models to professional-grade ones. With these factors in mind, you should be able to find the perfect camera lens for your next outdoor adventure!

What Type of Photography Will You Be Doing On Your Hikes?

The first is the type of photography you plan to do. Are you looking for wide-angle shots of landscapes and scenery, or would you prefer to get up close and personal with wildlife? Knowing what types of photos you want will help determine which lens will work best for you. Hiking is a great way to explore nature and capture beautiful photos. You can try many types of photography when out on the trails.

Landscape Photos & Waterfall Photography

Best Wide Angle Lenses For Hiking

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Landscape photography captures the terrain’s sweeping views and unique features. This can include long-exposure photography can be used to create exciting effects like motion blurs of waterfalls or streams. This will require a wide-angle lens to hike with.

Close Up Plants & Insects Photography

Best Macro Lenses For Hiking

Macro photography is also popular for capturing close-up details that you might otherwise miss, such as small plants or insects. This will require a macro lens.

Wildlife Photography

Best Telephoto Lenses For Hiking

Wildlife photography is also possible while hiking, although it requires patience and knowledge of the area to spot animals in their natural habitat. So you want to ensure you have the right lens to capture the shot when the perfect time comes! This will require a telephoto lens.

Choosing A Camera For Backpacking Trip

Ultimately, if you are looking for a multi-day backpacking trip option, we suggest heading towards the action cameras like GoPro so you can have a smaller camera for your trip.

How Do You Carry A Camera While Hiking?

Now that you have chosen your type of camera and lens, how do you carry them on the trail? When hiking, it is essential to consider how you will carry your camera. You want to ensure a secure and easy way to carry and quickly access your camera.

*As an Amazon Associate, I earn a commission on purchases from this page at no additional cost to you. This means if you find a product you like, you want to buy YAY! But also, we make a bit of money off your purchase! So it’s a win-win for both of us!

Sling Harness for Carrying Camera While Hiking

Finding a secure and easy-to-use camera strap for your shoulder or chest is a simple option. It is helpful if the strap has anti-slip technology so it won’t slip off your shoulder while walking.

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Quick Release Camera Clip for Hiking Backpack

Additionally, you can use a quick-release system that can attach to your backpack strap like the one below. This is easy to have your camera available without fumbling in your backpack to grab it.

Our Founder prefers this option because it’s easily accessible but secure to the backpack. It’s especially good if you have a quality backpack that is secure to your body but want your hands free.

Quickly Grab Your Camera
PGYTECH Beetle Camera Clip with Plate Camera Quick Release System
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Camera Backpack For Hiking

If you don’t want to use a strap, consider buying a small backpack or waist bag designed for carrying cameras. LowePro is one of the leading brands with many designs based on sizes and activities. Having your camera secured in a backpack will allow your hands to be free and your camera to be protected while on the trail. One of our favorites is the LowePro PhotoSport, with a weatherproof cover, ample space for other essentials, and a very comfortable design.

Our Favorite Backpack to Hike With
Lowepro PhotoSport, Hiking Camera Backpack
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How do you pack a camera in a hiking bag?

When packing a camera for a hiking trip, it is essential to ensure that it is secure and protected. Finding the right backpack for your camera while hiking is essential to protect your gear, especially if you carry extra lenses.

Getting more from your camera accessories is essential when you want more from your camera accessories. We have our ultimate guide for photography gear regardless of your adventure.

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